Getting Air Out of the Power Steering Pump and Lines

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  1. Well when I started up my car the power steering pump sucked the fluid down to quickly for me to add more and now I have air in the lines. I went to pull it out of my driveway just to see what it felt like to be in my car again after 6 months and the steering felt very tight and the pump was making sounds.

    Would the easiest way to get air out is to jack the car up, start it, and turn the steering wheel back and forth but not to the extremes?


  2. it' better to have a friend pour what you need as you turn the wheel back and forth slowly.

  3. I'm in the middle of putting a steering rack on now and none of the literature that
    came with the rack, are in my manuals or that I found on this forum, mention
    vacume bleeding. :shrug:
  4. You don't need to do anything fancy or purchase any vacuum kits or whatever. Pour ATF, power steering fluid - whatever you use - in the reservoir but not to the top because as you turn the wheel it will spill out. Jack the car up so both wheels are off the ground and with KOEO turn wheel side to side (or stop to stop) until the foam (i.e. bubbles) are gone. Check and replenish as you go until the reservoir is full then when you start the car it will not suck down the fluids because you would have bled the lines and filled the entire system. This is the way I've done it but there are other ways out there. I don't start the car until the system is full and bled.

    Good luck and keep us posted.
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    whats up guys- I have a 2004 Stang which has recently given me some problems-

    Last week my power Steering went out and I tried to add about 4 ounces of fluid.. shortly after my boot on the rack an pinion blewout and all the fluid came out.. The pump it's self seems to be working, when I took the belt off and spun the pully and it makes no noises. I since replaced the Rack and can not find the correct procedure and AMOUNT of fluid the system takes.. I do not wont another blowout.

    When the rack and pinion is brand new, do I need to bleed? If so, how?

    Also, how much fluid do I use?

    Is there any process on how fill? (pressure, car off, stop to stop?)


  6. Didnt even know you could get air in the power steering. Ididnt have a problem when I installed the new engine and just did nothing to it but add fluid when I forgot it was empty lol.
  7. power steering

    oh ok.. I gotten so many differnent outcomes to that question... do you remember how much you used?
  8. The boot is actually a dust bellow - it should not hold fluid. If it does, the end seals on your rack are bad. If the system is overfilled, it vents on the low pressure side of the system.

    I dont have the fluid capacity spec or fluid type for an '04. The 4.6 boys can help with that.

    For non-hydroboost cars, I fill it up with the front wheels in the air. Once the reservoir is full, I turn the wheels back and forth (dont hit the locks) up to 20 times. This should purge any air in the system.

    Good luck.
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  9. Thanks bro.. fyi its fixed and it took about 25 ounces
  10. I just Got done rebuilding my 5.0 an now when i start it theres real loud whinning comming from the power steering pump. An suggestions on how to bleed it
  11. I just changed out the rack and pinion on my 04 mustang . I put fluids in it but for some reason I don't have any power steering and now it has effect my brakes they are stiff and I tried driving it and it having trouble stopping any body know what I need to do ?
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