Help with how you activate/use Nitrous? And Turn off.

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  1. Hi,

    I understand that for a WOT switch the nitrous will come on when you have the pedal to the floor.

    And a Window Switch/RPM Switch comes on at where your pills are set at, like for example comes on at 3000rpm and then shuts off at 6,000rpm.

    But how does a Manual Operated Button one work? So say I have activated the nitrous (flipped the switch), and now I have a button on my shift knob, so I reach 3000rpm and hit the switch my Nitrous comes on, finish the run, but now how do I turn off the Nitrous? Do I have to hit the button on the shift knob again? Or do I turn of the activation switch?

  2. Ive never used n2o, but I always thought it was, flip the switch and its ready... mash the button and yer sprayin... let off the button when you want to stop spraying..
  3. Thats always what i assumed too
  4. Can anyone who has a Nitrous kit confirm what the 2 above posts are saying?

    Thanks for info so far.
  5. You should use a momentary switch. It will work while the button is depressed. As soon as you let go the circuit is broken.

    NOS switch
  6. just use the throttle switch. That's what most use, some use that combined with the window switch just to be safe.

    Only reason i say that, throttle switch you can't accidentally hit it when your not at WOT. Cause there's plenty of times i've messed around with my nitrous an i left the system on, what if i didn't have that switch an i pushed the button on my shifter at low rpms nitrous + low rpms at part throttle= :notnice: bad
  7. :rlaugh: my friend just blow up his motor big time screwing around with his's pretty simple toggle switch activates nitrous system and the switch you hit starts spraying.most of the time either its a wot switch or a momentary.don't beleive that crap you see in the movies that when you hit the button the nitrious comes on and you just hold had to turn off somehow.
  8. i have a nitrous dry system in my 2003 ranger the way i have wired is a toggle switch to arm the system and a momentary pushbutton i got from autozone with a cord to activate the nitrous while the button is pushed the nitrous is sopraying as soon as i let the button go the nitrous quits the nitrous wont work until it is armed and the button is puished and held just have to know when to use it and when to let off pretty simple