Saleen How many Saleen V6 Sports were made in 94-95

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  1. How many Saleen V6 Sports were made in 1994-95 and how many were autos and how many were 5speeds? :flag:
  2. I think they only made one. Mike would know without looking in the book. I'm at work so I don't have it in front of me.
    I know where one is ( if it's the only one ) but is does not have a V6 in it anymore. :D
  3. 29 were sold in '94 and then dropped in '95.


  4. I stand corrected. Big seller. huh?
  5. Thanks, do you know Saleen any in 4speed autos?
  6. Are you looking to identify one? These had a different graphics kit then the regular Saleens. I don't think these were numbered either. The quickest way to tell would be to look for the Supercharger under the hood, leather shifter knob, hurst shifter and 5 star 17" Saleen wheels by Speedline. The only ground effects were the rear spoiler.

    This car also came with a full appointment of Racecraft suspension.

    Not sure if there were any automatics made. Sorry.

  7. I doubt that on is real either. It looks like they were trying to impersonate a honda.
  8. No, that not Saleen V6 Sport.
  9. Saleen V6 Sport Mustangs


    My name is Vince and I was working for Saleen Performance as a Sales Manager, with Steve & Liz Saleen, when this car was in production. Matter of fact, two years ago my daughter was turning 16 years old and wanted a Saleen Mustang, so I told her that I would find her a pre-owned Saleen V6 Sport model. I wouldn't attempt to give her a V8 S281. I contacted Liz to see if she had any idea of where I could find a pre-owned car for sale, but she wasn't aware of any at the time. I knew what I was looking for (since I was very familiar with the features and options and such), but I knew that our numbers for this car were very low. About 3 weeks later, I just happened to trip across one for sale, and it was located only 45 minutes from my residence. Great condition and only two owners later. I took my daughter to go see it and we bought it that day. Between 1994/1995, there were approximately 40-45 V6 Sport Mustangs built and delivered to dealers. (For a look at the actual spec's, go to Saleen V6 Sport Brochure - The Mustang Source Photo Gallery. This will show you an actual brochure of the car and an image. ) None of the cars were serialized like the S281/S351's. Unfortunately the car did not sell very well to the younger generation because of the V6. Instead, the ones that could not afford the real deal (S281/S351) just opted to buy the GT and add the Saleen components instead. Those that could aford the real deal, did. The car did find its way into the hearts of women around the ages of 35-45 years of age (approx.), as they loved the styling and sportiness of the car, but opted out for the horsepower. There were only a few buyers that took on the supercharger option (which brought the H.P. to the of its bigger sister S281), and it was a pricey dealer option (with dealer mark-up and all). My daughter's is White with White wheels and Charcoal cloth interior. She just loves the car, and gets alot of attention from her now college friends about the car. I drive it from time to time and I still enjoy it as well. It really performs very well.

    If you or anyone else knows were any are, I wouldn't mind communicating with them either. I also wouldn't mind picking another one up down the line as I have another daughter who will be driving in 1 year, and Dad promised her one also.

    Hope the 411 helps. Thank for listening!
  10. I see a silver one running around San Jose whenever I go visit there. Identical to the ad... Before his post I would think to myself "should I follow him and ask if he will sell it?" "maybe it will be worth someting one day" Cool unique car.
  11. I Seem To Be AnoTher Who Has ThIs Car.

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