How much is a original 1970 boss 302 engine worth?

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by zathan, Jun 29, 2004.

  1. Hi again, a while since I've been here, have a quick question for you guys:

    How much is an original 1970 boss 302 engine worth? About 50,000 original miles in good (but not show) condition that runs great.
  2. I'd bet it would be worth a hell of a lot. well, for an engine. as long as it's numbers matching everything, maybe 5-6 grand tops.
  3. It's only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. if you want to know, then list it on and see how high it goes. :D
  4. Probably about a hundred dollars. Can i pay you with a money order or do you accept paypal. :D
  5. :D I'll go $400+ shipping on it :D
  6. Bruce Springsteen made mustang engines?

  7. Where have you been living, under a rock? He used to have that shop over on E Street. :rolleyes: Man, some people just never bother to learn their cars history. :nonono:

    Seriously though, it's all a matter of timing. Before listing it for sale I would try to hunt down someone attempting a full restoration of one, that'll fetch you top dollar. Start browsing some of the Boss Forums, most likely someone is very hungry for one.

    As an example:
  8. Yeah, your best bet is for someone restoring one. You'll need the date codes to get top dollar, but that's the route I'd take if I were trying to get rid of one. The block alone is probably worth half of what a new R302 (or whatever they are these days) is worth, which is probably around a grand.
  9. Thanks for the replies and tips guys. 5K $ is about what my other sources say, but of course it all depends on how desperate the buyer is. Unfortunately the engine isn't mine, it's in a 66 restomodded fastback I'm considering buying, but I think the engine should go back to an original boss and be replaced by a custom 347 or similar.
  10. So how much are they asking for the 66 then? Do they know/realize what is in it? Or are you thinking the block will pay for the whole car?
  11. I agree with you Zathan.
  12. I bought our '65 coup for $3100. It had a 1969 Boss 302 and a Toploader. I took the Boss out and put in the Cleveland. That was 5 years ago and I could have sold the motor then for $4500. I'm glad I kept it, it's going in our '66 coup with the 3" flare kit.