How to: access rear 1989 Convertible Speakers

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  1. 1 - Remove the rear bench seat. There are no magic tabs here despite other write-ups. Starting on one side, push the bench seat up and in, and the seat will slide out of the retaining bracket. Repeat with the second side, it will be much easier. The bench will come out at this stage.

    2 - Remove the the (2) bolts at the lower right and left corners of the exposed rear seat back. The rear seat back will now slide up and and out.

    3 - Remove (4) phillips screws per side of the rear interior quarters. (2) are easily visible, (1) has now been exposed on the rear quarter side by removing the rear seat back, and you also have to remove (1) from the bottom of the door trim closest to the panel. The entire rear quarters should now lift up and out. Be careful of your window motors!

    4 - Your rear speakers are attached behind the carpeting glued onto your rear quarters. You will have to remove (1) phillips head screw to free up the carpet. Peal the carpeting back and remove the (4) screws that are retaining your speaker.

    If anyone has questions on this please PM me.

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  2. nice write up. ive always thought about how they come out especially since i have new window motors for the quarters. you wouldnt happen to know how or where i can find a write up on how to put in the rear seats from a fox coupe into a convertible?
  3. I wouldn't know where to find that. This is my first fox body. I plan on restoring it over the next 3 to 4 years so as I do things that I couldn't find write-ups for I will summarize my experiences here.

  4. Nice indeed & spot on!

    The coupe rear seats, while similar, are too wide to fit a convertible.
  5. LOL, I had a vert for 13 years...I quickly gave up on a radio. With the front speakers being like 2" diameter and the rear speakers buried and muffled by the rear seat, all installed in a noisy ****ing vert, the radio was useless unless I was sitting in a parking lot with the motor off.
  6. I realize this is an old thread, but it was the best explanation I could find on the net, and I just had to fix one of the wires in my 89 vert... So I wanted to make things a bit easier for the next person by pointing out that you will need a 11mm wrench for the bolts on the corners of the back rest. They are hard to see and a **** to manipulate, so...

    Also to remove the back rest, you first have to push it down a little, then lift it up and out. There are clips that slide up into the backing.
  7. someone volunteering to turn this in to a resource?