Fox Interchangability Of Bumpers

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I am the proud new owner of a 79 Mustang and it is going to need a new bumper in the future. I found a kit on Late Model Restoration that replaces the bumper and headlights with the newer aero style bumper that was seen on the 87 to 93 stangs. If anyone could take a look and let me know if this kit would work on my 79 I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. will it work? Yes. the basic frame is the same. But I am not sure that comes with everything you need. I know the hood will also need to be changed. Then you have the ground effects that connect to the lower front fenders as well as the matching ones on the door frame. I believe those are fairly hard to get. Then the matching rear bumper as well. Do a search on here and you will see many 4eye to aero conversions and the bashing that some will/have opinioned on here.

    Either way, good luck and welcome to the boards.
  3. I prefer the aero nose to the 4-eye, but I also think that if you really want an aero nose car you should just buy one from the jump. Why? Two reasons.

    First, there is a lot involved in changing noses if you are interested in making a nice looking car. The hood, headlights, and bumper, all the moldings for starters. Although they are getting harder to find in decent shape, there are still a lot of aero nose foxes out there to choose from. Since these cars are money pits to begin with, you are starting off a couple grand in the hole with buying parts, labor (if you are doing it yourself, remember your time has value, too) and paint.

    Second is simply resale value. Someone who wants a 79 Mustang probably wants it to be a four-eye car. Someone who wants an aero nose isn't likely to buy a converted '79 as opposed to an original 87-93. Although you may feel right now like you will keep your car forever, someday you may feel differently.

    Personally, I would go for the 79 pace car/82 GT nose if you choose to keep your car. Add some saleen side skirts and some decent paint and you will have a nice looking car.

    Here is a nice looking 79 Pace car.
  4. Hi Guys,

    First off thank you for all of your input. I realize now that this is going to be a more expensive project than I had originally perceived it to be. I do really like the look of the pace car shown above as well as the 4 eyed stang just above this. Does anyone know where I might be able to find either of those front bumpers for sale. The only place that I have come across the bumper that looks like the one above is on Late Model Resto and they want something like $500 and I would still need to then change my hood if I understand correctly because there was a different hood used. If you guys have any idea where I might be able to find that 79 pace car front cover please give me a shout. Heres the link to the front bumper that I referenced above.

    Thanks again,
  5. I see people already gave you advice on the swap. Just wanted to give you an idea of cost as I'm currently swapping my car back to four eye. I got the header panel, bumper cover, fenders, and hood for a steal at $175. Used of course. I just paid $180 for Autopal head lights, a good $200 for all the side markers, blinker lights, bezels, adjusters. A new bumper was $60. A set of head light buckets for $40, used. Lol it's adding up quick. I also purchased 12g wire, relays, in-line fuses, etc to rewire the headlights better than factory. That ran about $50.
    For bumpers you're looking for be ready to spend at least $400, unless you get one used of course. Try foxresto or national parts depo. :nice:
  6. You might also try junkyards, CL, and Mustang boards for guys parting out cars.
  7. Prob hard to find a bumper in junkyard, most wrecks are from the front
  8. Why would you say that? I go to the local JY at least once a month and see at least 2-3 Fox body mustangs in good shape. Ford made thousands of these cars and there are dozens of people and companies that part these out

    Dave's Mustang Parts

    Like I said, check out CL or the Corral. There are tons of these cars available.
  9. You should be able use your hood. Those are just cowls but same fitment. You can piece it together after you get a new bumper. Little by little. What is wrong with your bumper? Cant repair it?
  10. It was backed into before I owned it and it flexed things pretty well. I will try and upload a picture later tonight of what its looking like. I will have to keep an eye on CL and local yards as mikestang suggested. I initially thought that it would be more economical to just go with the aero bumper swap but as you guys are highlighting it is actually quite expensive. I think what I may have to do is just end up trying to fix the bumper or find a replacement one rather than going with all new stuff.
  11. For the Pace car nose - it is not reproduced, so you would have to find a used one. They are out there, but you will have to look - ebay, mustang forum classifieds, craigslist, etc.

    The nose was available on...
    79 Pacecars
    80-81 Cobra's
    82 GT's
  12. Good deal, thank you for the information. Hoping to find one nearby on Craigs.
  13. I'll have to keep an eye on the local stuff up by me. Thanks for the examples.
  14. That is a pretty good kit to get you going but, as said before, you will need the matching hood, trim and wiring.
  15. ...and a Ford emblem it looks like. lol
  16. So to start up a dead thread again, the bumper that is currently on the car had all of the plastic around the pop rivets sliced apart and the bumper is now having to be held on by zip ties (If your front bumper is held on by zip ties, you might be a redneck). Anyways, I really like the 85-86 bumper shown here but I wanted to make sure that I would just be changing the front bumper cover and not the lights (i know its still a 4 eye setup but I wanted to check) or any other parts behind there. As for the hood, mine does not currently have that tab in the center that will fit smoothly in the bumper mold. No issue right?