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  1. We opened our doors just 3 short months ago and we are already stacked to the brim. Mind you our average turnaround on our cars is under 8 days.




    Here are a couple of the cars we are working on:



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  3. awesome paintjob.

    im liking half the cars in there

    what do you guys do? just paint? what else?
  4. dayummmm niceness!!! will u paint mine? lol!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Paint looks great. I guess your work speaks for itself.

    Do you guys just do private work, or are some of those for insurance?
  6. We have had a few insurance jobs which are mainly friends or family. About 95% of work is customer pay. We are a custom paint performance shop.

    We are getting more of our performance stuff in. The turbo and built motor is being put in our red and black Mach 1 at the moment.

    At the moment we only have one lift up but more are to come.

    Our lead Technician used to be with a VERY well known mustang shop, but now is with StangWerks.

    Some of you may notice this car that he built haha.

  7. wow man. How much would a paintjob like that cost on average for a fox? Not exactly that but you know, something really nice like that.
  8. An arm and a leg. haha just kidding.

    For that job we didnt have to r & i (remove and install) too many parts of the car just pretty much door handles, bumper and mirrors. We also used the factory black from the car. We wet sanded the whole car then shot it in all the different stages, so the black you see on the car is the factory black wetsanded and cleared over again. the whole car was wet sanded earlier this week and let sit out for about a two days. The car is being buffed as we speak.

    Total cost for the job is about $5,500.
  9. not bad, my next stang is goin to you guys, just have to get it first lol. I want something radical that screams I'm sexy and that looks like what you guys do!
  10. aaron

    thanks man. i like the paint job. it look a beauty. i got all the parts that i need to get the car running and do the overhaul. just like ou said i think i will do the installation first i think and do the paint last. i do not want to scratch the paint while installing parts.:rolleyes:

    i will take more pics of brake parts i just received in the mail right now and post them.:hail2:

    good luck arron and don't forget the hook up you promised.:nice:
  11. I'm pulling Eddy to get you like 10% off total everything. Lets see what happens lol.

  12. As long as you ship it, it would be taken care of, trust me.
  13. How much would it cost to spray a new coat of black with very minimal body work? My car is in great condition, it just needs some paint, has quite a few scratches. I guess Im talking about getting back to factory condition.