Mustang Customizer Giveaway Concludes

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  1. Well, Ford ( promised to customize 4 cars and give them away. They finally gave away the 4th Mustang early in 2013. From mild to wild, but mostly mild, the crew at GAS did the custom work. Here's the stories for each winner, yours truly being Winner #1.

    Winner #1: Mustang GT

    Winner #2: Shelby GT500

    Winner #3: Mustang GT

    Winner #4: Shelby GT500

    Aside from me, any of these other winners StangNet members?
  2. WOAH. I had no idea! That's awesome!

    Were you really surprised when Vaughn rolled up? I mean, you already had a camera crew in your front yard. Did they tell you they were there for something else?

    Seriously, though, congratulations. That's so awesome.
  3. I had no idea I won. They fooled me into thinking I was a finalist. We were outside half-way through the day going through the interview process when they had Vaughn pull up. It was crazy!
  4. The last one is pretty funny. The way she was looking at it I knew she didn't know how to drive a standard. What a car to try and learn in.
  5. Sounds like she had a great teacher.
  6. Ha! That's pretty brilliant on their part. So cool of them to provide the Power Wheels, too!
  7. Yeah, my 3-yr old son loves it. He can't say "Mustang" yet, but he says, "Mut!" He loves his Mut, but he loves going for a ride in the real one.
  8. When he gets his first real Mustang, you should call it the "Mut." Get a custom badge made or something.
  9. At least a custom plate, but great idea!
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