Mustang V6 Exhaust

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  1. I have the 2010 Mustang V6 Premium, and I was wondering what y-pipe exhaust kits you guys would recomend for that grumble kind of sound.
  2. Well r u doing a single or dual exhaust? If ur doing single then ur looking axle back, id say Flowmaster American Thunder if ur strapped for cash or Magnaflow/Borla if u have more $$$. If ur looking to do a dual exhaust conversion u have two options, u can stick with the y-pipe and get a Magnaflow catback system for ~$600 or u can go true dual conversion and swap the y-pipe for an x-pipe, then u can put any GT catback system on the car.
  3. whats the benefit/difference between going with x pipe over staying y? (performance? sound?)
  4. I have the 2010 v6 premium as well. i just put on Magnaflow catback 16575 dual, 4" tips. Cut the bumper fascia to accomodate the dual. Looks and sounds great. paid 800 parts and labor. the magnaflow 16575 can be had for about 550 - 600 if u look around.
  5. if you are going dual exhaust on a v6 get rid of the Y pipe! make it a true dual setup. i've had two v6's and went with dual straight pipes, no "h" or "x" pipes needed. something about them having a different firing rate than the v8's so back pressure is not an issue. not sure on the best sounding for a 2010 though.. my '04 has the supper 44s and they have a really good sound, deep and not raspy.
  6. i went with magniflow mufflers and 3.5" tips 9"s long. custom bent tubing on the left side with an H pipe. cost me 417 out the door. i can put a sound clip on here tomorrow if you want.
  7. I have a 2010 V6 Mustang Premium too, and I got the Bassani AFT CAT system installed 2 years ago. LOVE it! Sounds great, gave me extra pickup and they have great customer service. No, I am not a spokesperson...just a satisfied customer.
  8. I got a 06 v6 pony package. I just took the muffler off. Still not loud enough for me. Guess only way for it to be louder is go duals
  10. I have a 2014 base, and put a Magnaflo Street series on, duels, of course and it sounds really good, a bit droney up to about 3k, but otherwise, I'm happy with the sound--- CHOP
  11. Had the catback on for about 6 months now and it just gets sounding better--- CHOP
  12. Went with a flowmaster axle back myself. Dont regret it as far as bang for your buck is concerned.

    Was too scared of going true dual at the time due to sawing pipes and rear bumper or replace it. Thought proper X pipes is next on my list ($1k+ though itll be a bit)
  13. went with a x pipe, factory gt rear pipes and stock gt mufflers from nto on my 4.0 v6, it had a very sweet not to loud sound from the exhaust , yet my only give away to the power adder was the whine from the Xcharger