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  1. Looks like a few of us are working on this sort of project.

    I might pull my Fox steering wheel off this weekend then and snap some pics and see what needs to be done. My fox doesn't have cruise control either, so all I need to worry about is the horn. I just need a simply 12V/ground connection somehow. I want to try to keep the 87-89 tilt column though. I just wonder how the wheel will look from the side

    Airbags can be found cheap on ebay. But I've found the other Ford airbags for the same wheel are UGLY. The mustang airbag is shaped differently than the other ones and is the only one that looks right to me.

    BTW, what do I need to pull the fox steering wheel of? A 3-jaw puller, or a harmonic balancer puller?

    PS. Eventually I would like to do an Sn95 dash swap. I just figure with all the other stuff my car needs, it would be too much to do right now. But i'm keeping an eye out for an 2001+ Dark charcoal dash and console. I wanted to do a double din NAV unit as well which is why i wanted the 01+ dash. However, i'm not sure mixing and matching black Fox parts and SN95 dark charcoal stuff would look too good. In the sunlight, the two colors are nothing alike. I could get a nice match if i use a 94-98 midnight black dash, but i hate the early Sn95 dash and consoles
  2. Harmonic balancer puller is what you need.

  3. Looks good. Do you have a pic from the side? I'm curious to see how it matches up on the stock column.
  4. Found a little info on the Airbag deletes sold by UPR.

    They are $90 on their site..which is rediculous. However, i noticed they have a Ford logo on them, so it made me think they were a Ford part.

    I found it. Mexican cars apparently had airbag deletes, so Ford has a delete part


    The site i got it from shows it as $28 circa 2004.

    But who knows if Ford still sells it or even stocks it.
  5. Seats are in, and I started working on the steering wheel.

    I'll start another thread about the wheel and link it here



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  6. WOW Mike... starting to look classy!!! Very nice.
  7. Yup. Far cry from how it once used to look


    I still wanna replace the carpet and track down a few new OEM black trim peices to replace a couple peices I have that are not up to my standards.

    Oh and i need a new headliner too. Guess 4 years stored wasn't too kind to mine. It's starting to sag
  8. Is that an original black carpet? I have the ACC one in mine and like it. Although when me and my friend installed it somehow the passenger side wasnt lined up and theres a nasty gap where the carpet doesnt cover... Annoying, but without buying another carpet I cant do anything about it?

    Also I find it funny how close the charcoal seats match the original fox black color. A bit lighter, but not too bad.
  9. My ACC was the same, a gap right at the kick panel. I ended up reusing some of my original padding to raise the carpet level up a bit, and now it barely makes it to the kick panel.
  10. Yes, it's an original black carpet. I was going to change it when i first put the interior in....but impatient me didn't want to wait :)

    It's not bad. I could prob take it out and just clean and shampoo the hell out of it and it would be fine. There aren't any burns or anything on it.

    But then i like the look of brank new carpet.
  11. Yes carpet works miracles in making the car feel better inside.

    trbkrb thats exactly where mine was short. Maybe its the carpet and not the install? It annoys me seeing the white metal under there. I think I will try something to get it behind the kick panel.
  12. I might cut back on the interior stuff for now. I need to score another contact disk and plug as well as get an airbag or delete. When i get that stuff in, i'll update my steering wheel thread.

    I also have a set of 85-86 GT halo headrests. Unsure if i should dye them dark charcoal or look into having them covered in leather.

    Gonna focus on the car now. I think i'm gonna pull the rear end out. I have some things I want to do to it:

    Swap 3.73's to either 3.55's or 3.27's
    rebuild t-lok
    New stainless brake lines
    new bushings
    Install ABS rings on the SN95 axles
    Figure out how to get seized diff fill plug out
    Install SVO diff cover
    Mount 94-95 soft line brackets to axles (right now they are kinda just floating)
    Install FMS Aluminum driveshaft

    I'd just rather do it on a workbench rather than on my back. Plus i can take my time and do it kinda like what Capri Debris did with his capri :)
  13. Yeah thats a good idea, and exactly what I plan to do this winter... I just picked up axles, 31 spline diff, need to get a housing to weld up and paint, and then toss it together over the winter. Some shocks and struts and I should be in the same boat as you.
  14. Ok did some more work today. No pics but i basically started taking the rear end apart.

    3 hours of work and i got a fair amount done. Removed the sway bar, quad shocks, main shocks , springs and broke loose all the control arms bolts to the housing. I have the car set up on jackstands and ready to take it out. I onlt didn't today because I was alone. Next weekend i'll have a buddy with me and he'll help me wrestle the rear out. For 20 years of new england weather, the bolts all broke relatively easy and came out. My car was never really driven in the snow, so it just has minor surface rust only.

    I noticed my spring isolators were trashed. I'll need some new ones.

    Quad shocks were also junk, so i tossed them out. I'll get new ones as well.

    Steel driveshaft is coming out with it and getting trashed. I have an AL d/s so i don't need the steel unit anymore. I just want to take the yoke off so i can stuff it back in the trans to keep fluid in.

    Stock control arms are coming out too. I really want to put an IRS in, but where the car is i don't have the ability to tackle such a project, so for the time being i'm putting the solid rear back in along with some new control arms, A/L d/s and resto'ed 8.8 with cobra disks.

    I also did some more work with the steering wheel. I bolted it in and took measurements to see where to mount the 87=89 contact ring to the SN95 wheel so it would fit correctly.

    SO next weekend i should have the rear totally out. Then i car start addressing the *light* surface rust issues under the back of my car and clean it up and apply some POR15.

    I'll tackle the rear end mid-winter. I have a set of 3.27's but unsure if i want to put those in or look for a set of 355's. I'm not a big fan of 3.73's (what i have now) and 5-spd. I like having some taller gearing for the highway so i'm looking into 3.27's or 3.55's.
  15. I lied, i did take pics. Wheel not fully installed as i don't have the horn wiring hooked up yet, but this is how she looks. Airbag is a Ford escort airbag i paid $10 for. I want a pony bag, but they all go for $$$$. I'll just have to wait til i find one in a boneyard or something.

    Ignore the grubbiness of the wheel. I tackled this AFTER working on my rear end, so my greasy hands made the wheel dirty.

    Also, notice the ashtray console is darker? That's because it's painted. It's the only painted part of my interior because i can't find a black console with working ashtray. Notice how it DOESN;T match? Drives me nuts :(



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  16. I actually really like that wheel/bag on there :shrug:

    You should have kept the stock black console and got the repair kit for the ashtray door. Thats what i just did for my project because finding a BLUE console is going to be near impossible!
  17. Looks good so far. Once you get the console and the interior all cleaned up it should look great!
  18. Do they still make the ashtray repair kit, I got mine a long time ago, but I havent seen it around for a while.

    A up until recently all and I mean all the foxes in the junk yards around here had blue interiors, now I bet they're hard to find.
  19. I struggled to find one so i just got a kit. CJ pony has em and so does Late model resto. I got mine there. :nice: