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  1. Hey guys. Well its finally my turn to do a build thread. My wife bought my 88 notch for me right after we got married back in 09. I'm finally getting a chance to really do something to it. Here's how it looked when i first got it.

    After I got the body work done this is how it looked.

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  2. I started buying parts last year to do a five lug conversion. I got the front and rear brakes and wheels and tires off of a 96 Cobra, 95 spindles, fox length 5-lug axles. I just need to get the steel braided lines, MC, booster and proportioning block. I'm not going to install the rear discs right away. I'm going to buy a 94-95 rearend housing and do the conversion on that later. I'll just roll with drums in the rear for now. Well fast forward to earlier this year. I came into I nice lump sum of money so I started planning to build a 331. Just as I was going to order a 331 shortblock from Fordstrokers a close friend of mine made me an offer I couldn't refuse. He offer me a Dart Sportsman 8.2" block, Scat 342 forged rotating assembly, Mcleod flywheel, and BHJ balancer...all of this stuff was still brand new in the box. He sold all that stuff to me for just a little more than what the block alone is worth.

    Well, the AFR 185s I was going to use on the 331 were in the machine getting damage from being flooded in Hurricane Katrina repaired. I was thinking why have a Dart block with standard bore pistons so I thought about it for a week or so and desided to go big or go home. So, I talked to Rick(RNH Performance) about getting a set of 4.125 pistons and rings to bring the cubes up to 363. I also order a brand new set of AFR 205s, matching head gaskets, head studs, etc. I also order a complete ARP bolt kit, Canton 7 qt oil pan, pick-up, gasket, Ford Racing oil pump. I already had a holley Systemax intake, Accufab 75mm tb and blank spacer. I also ordered a custom cam from Cam Motion. And with the last little bit of money I ordered BBK 1 3/4" longtubes. I'll have pics of all of that stuff tomorrow.

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  3. Looks like a great project you have and a nice foundation for the motor. Does she have a sister? My ex took my 85 race notch that I had 20K into, and sold it for 5k............... to pay for her divorce attorney. :rolleyes:
  4. Got some more money a couple months ago and I ordered a Tremec TKO 600. I wanted to order my 31 spline axles and 3.73 gear and gear install kit but I had to spend money on the kids. I forgot to mention I bought a used 31-spline Auburn differential earlier this year.

    Well, at this stage I need to recoupe some money so I pulled the motor and tranny. I forgot to mention that right before I got the car street worthy again I took out the fairly new T5 and put my Tremec 3550 and a new Ram HD clutch in. When I pulled the motor and tranny out 2 weeks ago I sold the 3550 and I have someone that's interested in buying the motor.

    Here is a pic right after I pulled the tranny

    Here is right before the motor came out

    Here are some pics of the engine bay without the motor

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  5. Thought about a few other things I have that I forgot to mention. I have a MAF conversion harness that I will be wiring in while the motor is out. I traded a friend a 2 1/2" x-pipe and flowmasters for an A9L computer and another friend is selling me a 90mm Lightning MAF for cheap. I also have a Painless Wiring 3G alternator harness so I can upgrade the alt. I'll also be wiring that in while the motor is out. I'll be cleaning the engine bay and probably paint it black just to give it a fresh look. No, I will not be hiding wires and welding holes. I don't want to deal with the headache of hiding wires and I don't know how to weld nor do I have welding equipment. :nonono:

    I'm hoping to be able to bring the block and everything to the machine shop to get the shortblock done(machined, balanced, and assembled) before Christmas. While car is in the air I'll go ahead and do the 5 lug conversion on the front. I'll be pulling the rearend out to disassemble it and clean it up. Still need to get the Moser 31-spline axles, 3.73 gear and install kit, and girdle/cover.

    Still waiting for the Comp Pro Magnum 1.6 roller rockers and Trickflow roller lifters that were ordered right before Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast. Rick is checking on that for me. I'll have more pics of the other parts I have tomorrow.

    Oh, I almost forgot about the 60# injectors I bought from the friend that sold me the motor and I have an Areomotive 340lph pump in the tank already.
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  6. Here are the pics of the rest of the parts I have.

    Tremec TKO 600 and 31 spline yoke

    Everything together

    Probe 4.125 pistons and rings, Custom cam from Cam Motion, Timing chain set, Assortment of ARP bolts.

    AFR 205 heads, ARP Head studs, Aeromotive Adj. FPR, Fel-Pro multi-layer steal head gaskets(just like the Cometic gaskets)

    Holley Systemax intake, Accufab polished 75mm TB w/ blank spacer

    Canton 7qt oil pan w/ pick-up and dipstick, rubber gasket, and Ford Racing high volume oil pump(it got cut out of the pic to the left)

    MSD Pro Billet Dist., MAF conversion harness, A9L computer, Painless wiring 3G alt upgrade harness, and APR oil pump d/s (was cut out of the pic to the right)

    BBK 1 3/4" longtube headers

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  7. Bad ass! Great looking project so far, with a very nice parts pile. Enjoy the build, and take your time!
  8. Thanks. I've been taking my time so far. I'm getting anxious tho. Looking at all the parts like that makes me realize how close I am.
  9. These arrived this week. My roller rockers should arrive this coming week.

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  10. Damn that's a lot of new parts. I bet you can't wait to get your hands dirty.
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  11. Looks great man! That's what I did. I bought a ton of parts and they just collected for about a year and a half.

    BTW...when and what color are you painting?
  12. Yeah, I can't wait to start putting all this together. Once the shortblock gets built I'll be able to start putting it together. Christmas is killing me right now though...I have 2 small kids(3yrs old and 1 yr old).....and a wife. I was hoping to be able to send the block and rotating assembly to the machine shop before Christmas but thats not looking too realistic right now.
  13. More parts came. :banana: My dad gave me my 3.73s for Christmas. I'll have pics of those later.

    ...and these arrived today. Comp Ultra Pro Magnum 1.6 roller rockers.

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  14. Should be a nice combo. GL
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  15. *Update*

    I just ordered all the stuff I needed to build my rearend. Moser 31-spline 5-lug axles, ARP 2.5" wheel studs, gear install kit, axle-side upper control arm sperical bushing, diff. cover gasket. I also order a leather shift knob, weatherstripping, full-length subframe connectors, and torque box reinforcement kit.

    I also bought this baby from a guy on craigslist for $100. He decided to use something else. Brand new still in the package. :banana:

    Up next: Block and rotating assembly going to the machine shop to get done.
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  16. You got some good looking parts there! Keep the thread up to date. Wanna see the finished product!
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  17. Damn, way to jump in head first! Haha. Should be a blast to drive when done!
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  18. Well, I [email protected]$$ed my other mustangs so I vowed to do it the right way this time. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that I can have it running again by May.
  19. You are going to have one solid drivetrain when this is all put together. Very nice. :nice:

    You may want to find yourself a spare Ford TFI module when that MSD suddenly leaves you stranded on the side of the road :eek:
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  20. Really?! Well maybe I'll keep the stock module in the armrest in case the MSD one does that to me. Does anybody make a good aftermarket module that is better than Ford's?