New Spec Stage 1 Clutch Terrible Chatter!

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  1. Had a mechanic put in a new spec stage 1 clutch. The thing chatter like no other. It feels like my transmision is going to fall out of my car. Mechanic thought he installed it wrong and took it apart and put it back together again and it still chattered. Called up spec and they said that its just normal and has to be broke in. I know clutches chatter a little bit but it shakes my whole car when i start out in 1st and in reverse. Also chatters a little bit when downshifing. Is this normal? because i am scared to even drive the car.

    Also got a new flywheel from napa, and installed a aluminum quadrant and firewall adjuster with the new clutch.
  2. If you want to help the break in, slip the clutch up a hill or any other incline to help heat cycle it. I'm not a fan of spec clutches fwiw and this would be one of the reasons. Too harsh of an engagement
  3. As mentioned, get some heat in it and see if it goes away. I have a spec stage 3 with the individual pucks and it's actually not bad at all. Even when it was new it didn't chatter much. A McLeod twin disk is on the list for when I burn through this one.
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  4. I've heard plenty of stories about the chatter. I ran the Stage II and didn't really have very much chatter during break in.

  5. ...It's a Spec
  6. It normal for it to be really bad in 1st and reverse and some when downshifting?
  7. I have the stage 2 and it doen't chatter.
  8. x's 2.
  9. I slipped the clutch a little. This clutch seems like its either in our out
  10. Do a drag launch.

    I have to drag the clutch through a lot of first gear. Should break it in faster if thats what it needs.
  11. I also have a stage 2, it chatters a little. A lot of people fuss about spec's harsh engagement, but I've never heard of one failing. Seems a fair trade off to me for a reasonably priced performance clutch.
  12. Clutches should fail, they are a fuse for the driveline. This is why the guys running something like a stage 3 or 3+ spec are more likely to destroy their transmission.
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  13. I guess that's one way to view it. Always going to be a weak link. I wouldn't use a stage 3 on a street car anyhoo.
  14. Every spec clutch I've seen has chattered
  15. I put a brand new Spec stage 2 in the Cobra last year w/ a cast iron flywheel. From the moment I backed it out of the driveway, to the day I sold it a month later, it ran perfectly w/ absolutely no problems.
  16. Thats wierd, why doest spec fix this problem?
  17. I think it's a by product of their strength. They are strong clutches, and they are very reasonably priced. They could probably eliminate the problem all together, but the cost would probably shoot through the roof. Like others have stated, some have the chatter, others don't. Everything I have ever heard about spec clutch chatter points to doing a proper break in to eliminate the problem.

    Good luck with it.

  18. What is a proper clutch break in? If it isnt broken in after a few heat cycles the problem is the clutch. Ram makes a nice clutch that will hold up to more abuse than most people here would think about putting it through and they dont chatter one bit.
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  19. I wouldn't quite say that about a Ram clutch. I'm on my fourth Ram clutch & I do love them too death. I've currently got a Ram clutch designed to hold 500-550hp. It has some chatter(kevlar puck disk). If I'm coordinated, my footwork with the gas & clutch are well sync'd; it doesn't chatter. If I'm not in sync with my left foot & gas pedal... I sometimes have mild chatter. If I'm really bad and or in a tight turn while backing up situation; it can be quite horrible. Keep in mind though that this is in a more flexible convertible chassis.... Light chatter in a coupe is 10 times more pronounced in a 'vert.... ;)
  20. I have a centerforce dual friction and its smooth as butter zero chatter.