Oil Pressure Sending Unit Location?!?!?!?!?!

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  1. This is a totally newbie question but I can't find it anywhere through the search function. My oil pressure gauge is acting crazy. It's fluctuating from normal to 0 and back with no pattern. I'm pretty sure it is my Oil Pressure Sending Unit from all the posts I read however I can't figure out where the hell the Unit is located. I'm pretty sure it is by the Oil Filter but I want to be sure before I just start taking things off. So if someone could post a detailed description of where it is or a picture would be even better. Another question I have is it bad to drive the car around with a bad sending unit basically could I potentially do any damage? Right now the car sounds and drives fine but I don't want to hurt the motor. Thanks for the help.
  2. Its right in front of the oil filter
  3. And for your latter question/concern, get a real gauge if you want to know what's actually going on. The stock is useless, even when it's as functional as it can be.

    I'm thinkin that Andy (RIO5.0) has posted pics of the oil sending unit before if you want to search. On dial-up, it takes me too long to find crap).

    Good luck.
  4. 865409746_a5b630980f.jpg

    Picture from underhood, looking down. Lower radiator hose at the bottom of the pic, powersteering and a/c on the righthand side.

    There's a shot of mine (see the stretched out sending unit wire?). Yours will be in that same area, just a tad closer to the block. Mine is relocated about two inches away from the block because of my supercharger sending line, but that should give you a good idea.

    Look for the single wire going to it like you see in the picture. Your wire may be coming off.

  5. When I relocated mine for the aftermarket gauge, I just added to the wire.
  6. Good call, don't stretch it like I did - leads to problems like the gauge not working. Doh!
  7. Not like it does much anyway. lol
  8. Thanks for the replies I will swap it out tomorrow morning and hopefully that will solve the problem. Or maybe my motor is starting to crap out on me and it will be rebuild time! Either way a win win for my car :D but a loss loss to my bank account :nonono:
  9. I swapped out the sending unit yesterday while doing an oil change and the needle is perfect now. Thanks for the advice guys. Also I highly recommended the wrench for anyone doing this swap it made it really easy.