Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. pics of how your foxbody currently sits
  2. This is how mine sits currently waiting on a paint job

  3. The hibernating project..... With a new driver coming this weekend!:)

  4. e3c99f65.jpg

    ongoing project. engine and trans are in the garage right now.
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  6. Getting her an inspection sticker tomorrow. and to the paint shop next week!
  7. Mine sits on four tires just like the others posted.
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  8. not looking like it's moving for a while lol


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  9. One day at a time...


  10. right now she's getting 5 lug/rear disc swap with PBR's up front

  11. here's mine
  12. DSC_0430.jpg

    Managed to "misplace" the actual car so I'm obviously not driving anytime soon...

    I've seen the car in town a few times, definitely disappointed to see the shape it's in now.
  13. Just waiting for the D#%* rain to go away....

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  14. Any bigger pics of the front of your car? That's the hood i'm looking at going with, but have been a little leary due to not a lot of pics circulating the interwebs.