Something everyone who street races should watch **graphic warning**

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    I'm not against street racing... Just against stupid people. I'm not acting holier than thou... I've made some incredibly bad decisions and have been fortunate that I've never seriously injured myself or anyone else. Please be more mature than I was. Find a safe way to fulfill your needs, and most importantly take your races away from the innocents and general public.


    Edit: here's another link to the video. Looks like the old one is dead: Pay attention..... - Car Videos on StreetFire
  2. point proven:nice:
    even though my beast have never touched pavement(legally) i have respect for it considering its faster than its brake system:rolleyes:....
  3. Not only should street racers watch this but people who text/talk on the phone while driving, change CDs while driving, drink then drive, arguing while driving should too.
  4. When I rule the world, if I see these people, I will push them off the road.
  5. Wow. Graphic.
  6. Good point.
  7. last weekend two guys drove off the end of a road here and down into a deep ditch at high speed. truck burst into flames and the closest FD was a vol dept. about 10 min. away.
    same situation about three years ago in another town, it took the FD 15 min to respond.
    pay attention on the roads.
  8. sad but all too common. I'm in emergency services and I see this crap all the time. It's not just the street's also the people ~FrankenStang~ mentioned. I wish I could show certain people real life video of what I've seen - it would make me think twice.
  9. A few years back, the son of a member of our club ruined his life. He was racing another car down a residential street. He blew a stop sign and t-boned a Ford Aerostar. The driver of the van, a middle-aged woman on her way home to make dinner for her husband and two children, was killed as well as his best friend who was riding shotgun. He survived his injuries and is now serving a 10-year sentence for vehicular homicide. His 95 Cobra is now displayed by the Washington State Patrol to increase awareness of the dangers of street racing. You can still see the blood stains on the passenger's seat where the engine block came through the firewall and crushed his friend.
  10. Geesh. A lifetime of guilt and nightmares.
  11. The video was an excellent reminder for me and my driving habits (limit cellphone use/complete attention on the road). I haven't street raced in a very long time, since I was 17 or 18 (Im 21 now). I am glad I have stopped street racing and am certainly not holier than though either. I want to thank FastDriver for posting this, I will be passing the link along to some friends/family.
  12. It's the kind of video everybody should see at least once a year.
  13. Anybody who watched the video and does not think it is a tear jerker does not have a heart. That is sad because we have all lost someone we love and you can't bring them back. Most of us were not in control when we lost that person, but we can be in control of our cars and how we drive them. How would any of us feel if you were the reason you took a person that someone loved?

    Use your head, the track only costs $25-$35 dollars to run all day....use it.
  14. Wow.

    This one deserves to be a sticky in every subforum, for what can happen with street racing.
  15. I tell the stories to my kids, who still are young enough to think I'm a hero. I try to make it frightening, and don't want to hide the stupid things I did from them. South Chicago Avenue, late 80's, making more than 1 payment on the LX from unworthy contributors. Controlled, industrial park location, weeknights only(less idiots, like we weren't one). The risks, the friends who were injured, who perished, and how easy it is for your(or your friends) driving style to instantly, permanently change your life for the worse. My friend Scot, who's been 20 years old since 1989, when his 85 GT and his penchant for drinking caught up with him. I hope they listen, learn, and have the fear instilled- to make good, common sense decisions. I don't want this for them.
  16. I used to go up to Doty Av, or Rosewood Farms on 130th, in Chicago, to watch the races as a teen. Saw countless accidents from people pulling out in front of cars that were running, not to mention all of the cops that would come and shut it down. They couldn't keep up though, everyone would be back in an hour, or two. I was late to work a couple of times at the Sherwin Williams plant off 115th St. when people would knock a light pole across I-94, when racing on Doty. I'll admit it can be easy to get absorbed by the street racing scene, which I luckily never got involved in, aside from a spectator. Even then, you're just as guilty, and in just as much danger. I'm glad I grew up and got away from that. I now live 7 miles from one track, and about an hour from a couple more. The benefit of racing on the track far outweighs the street, IMO.
  17. too bad we are a small number of people. i can say one thing about everyone on here(usually) we have put the work into our cars and know they sentimental value vs. the check we get from an insurance company if totaled. my car is worth all of 1500 to progressive and about 5k to me....
    all these street racers are usually spoiled rich, buying fast stock cars and doing dumb stuff with them.....

    I will say i have had my few runs on the highway! not in residential areas. not to justify the highway cause those speeds are even more lethal. Thankfully im getting over the adrenaline rush,but i will say it is still hard to resist when a civic revs their engine next to you.........
  18. Never seen the wiggling pinky gesture before. I'll have to remember that the next time I see some jackhole on a bullet bike popping a wheelie on the 202. :D
  19. Anyone who street races should be locked up....i dont care.....stupid ignorant people
  20. I tell ya...a couple people I know around here have been seriously injured from street racing incidents. And then I hope you all remember the video I posted of the guy who killed that women and I think he himself died too.