Engine Spark Plug Wires?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by stang1995, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. Ok so im needing to replace my spark plug wires and was unsure which ones to get.
    between these which is best?
    Taylor 8.2mm
    Taylor 8.0mm
    Ford Racing 9mm
    which brand and does the size really matter? I have 8.5mm ford motorsports on it now.
    by the way its a 95 mustang GT.
  2. Ive used taylor before they were fine. The Ford Racing ones seem to arch more then other wires from what I have seen for reply's about them. Probably cant go wrong w/ Accel either.
  3. For me... Taylor have been the hands down, best wires I've ever bought.

    I bought the 10 mm, cut-to-fit, Thunder Volt set to fix that VERY arching problem that Venom mentioned above.
  4. The Ford's ark. I have been using Accel 8.8s for a long time now, because they never gave me any problems. I have heard good things about Taylors. I only had one set, and they kept falling off the plugs so I got rid of them.

  5. cool thanks everyone it sounds like accel are pretty good, as well as taylor and both are not bad on prices either. and really on the wires it doesn't matter what size they are? also if I do get like the 8.8mm or the 9mm would i need to change the distriputer cap to fit or not? like i said before i have 8.5mm on now.
  6. They will all fit on the same distributor cap.

  7. Taylor Thundervolts are a very nice wire with low resistance, the Ford Racing wires are horrible from a resistance standpoint.

    In the larger wires 10.4mm the Taylor 409 or the Moroso Super 40's are the best out IMO.
  8. yeah ive decided to go with the taylor but, i know this is probably a stupid question but is there a big difference between the taylor 8.2mm for $60 and the taylor spiro pro 8.0mm for $50? it doesn't seem to be a big difference to me but im no car expert either.
  9. Livewires :drool:
  10. As much as I love the Livewires (I owned a set) they have higher resistance then the Moroso Super 40 or some of the others.
  11. The 8.2 wires will not mess with the electronics, the 8mm wires are spiral core race sets and may cause interference
  12. My radar detector hates spiro ignition wires.

  13. oh ok then thanks stangnet and everyone. ill get the taylor 8.2mm.:nice:
  14. they just look so good though :)