Tested Nu-Finish and Meguires Update

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  1. I remember posting a thread asking you people what is the best paint to use, and I thought I would give you my results.

    This is the first and second times I used wax on my mystichrome color cobra
    The first time I used Nu-Finish Car Polish for 7$ at Wal-Mart
    The polish worked extremly well and I live in the desert. A week later my car still had the same shine it did the first time I got it not changing the color or shade of my paint. Dust started to stick to the paint but it rained 9 days later. The water beaded off and after the storm there were very few spots on the car, and the dirt was gone, but the car still needed a car wash.

    The second time, 1 month exactly later I used McGuires Tech Wax for 14$ at Wal-Mart. Immediatly I knew this was not a good wax. It was extremely easy to get off the car though. When I looked at the car after I finished, I noticed that the paint was clearly different looking and indeed much darker like it said on the bottle. But on day 2 without any wind there was a layer of dirt on it. I live in the desert and this is very important. Exactly 11 days after I washed it it rained again. This was the worst wax I ever experienced, none of the water really beaded off unless I was driving over 60mph. When the storm was over water spots existed all over the car and It looked like the wax job was a big waste of time.

    This message is for everyone who told me to use a "quality" wax like mcguires.
    I was never so displeased, and I want you all to know that you are making judgments over no knowledge whatsoever. If you can prove to me that I am wrong then I'll give you my bottle of mcguires tech and gold wax because they are both junk. Stick with the Nu-finish

    Jimbo Jones
    2004 Mystichrome Cobra 30,526 miles
    Borla Cat Back Exhaust
  2. You crazy, I would not use that crap on a any car..........

    Its pure junk, PEROID !
  3. Okay Jim... let's review your original post:
    As you can see, you asked if NuFinish was safe to use on your Mystichrome Cobra. Nobody stated it wasn't safe to use. It just sucks as far as a deep shine is concerned. Everyone who replied to your original post told you to go with a better, higher quality wax. Since you have a Mystichrome Cobra we ASSUMED you were looking for a wax to bring out the color of your car. Most folks who buy a Mystichrome Cobra normally would be worried as to its overall appearance. I guess most of us are way more anal about how our Cobra's look. We would rather wax every other week with a high quality performance wax and have that deep shine, versus waxing once a year with that crap in the orange bottle. If you are only concerned about how long the wax lasts then go ahead and continue using the NuFinish. It IS more durable than any of the performance waxes we suggested.


    P.S. Water "beading" on paint is a BAD thing. You want the water to "sheet" off of the car, not bead. Water beads are like miniature little magnifying glasses and will cause water spots and possibly clear coat damage if continually left in the sun to dry out.
  4. Uncle Meat,

    Beading and Sheeting are just two words to describe how the water wipes off the car. If you clearly read my message I am trying to tell you that the so called "quality" wax MCGuires that all you recommended DID NOT DO either.

    Instead the water dried right on the car and created those so called magnifying glasses stains all over the car. THE NU-FINISH did not do that. I was suprised myself because I really thought that for double the price that the McGuires did almost the exact same job as the NU-Finish. MY POINT, I dont know if you understood what I was saying was that the Nu-Finish (what you call crap) was almost exactly the same, providing almost exactly the same shine i recieved from the factory and that the McGuires was a complete gimmick that all you fell for.

    Now if you could tell me a better wax than the both of those

    and Uncle, just because a bottle says use once a year, does not mean that you only use it once a year, if a wax provides a good shine, that came from the factory, and provides the sheet effect, then tell me, Because I never said that Nu-Finish is better, ALL I AM SAYING IS THAT McGuires is worse.

    Now your arrogance about this topic shows no proof whatsoever, and if you could show me some stills of your car with different results than I will mad praise you, I'll send you my used bottles.
    I want to know what makes you the professional at wax, because my independent test shows other data, and trust me I am not sticking up for Nu-Finish, no where on any post I claim that the orange bottle is the superior wax that we must all use, I am just explaining the differences between the two.
    Make your own conclusions, read my original post carefully, I know its a lot of info

    Jimbo Jones
  5. Which Maguiars did you use? If you used a single $14 bottle then you probably didn't use the entire 3 step system...It starts with a cleaner wax, then a polish, and then a carnuba wax...I guarantee you that if you would have used the 3 step you would have gotten completely different results that would blow away the Nu-Finish...And as for durability, the last time I waxed my car was just over a year ago, and the finish is still just about as good as the day I waxed it an water still sheets off it just fine...

    This is step one:

    This is step two:

    This is step three:

    This is a picture of my car after claybar and the Maguiars 3 step...you can't tell me that's not a good finish

  6. That may be because the beading or sheeting action is not solely based on the type of wax used. It also has a lot to do with the composition of dirt and road debris the surface is currently contaminated with. I don't live in the desert and my car NEVER EVER sees rain. When I wash my car I use Meguiars soap which leaves a film on the surface of the car which promotes sheeting vs beading.
    Please tell us what kind of soap you use when washing your car. Again, the type of contamination on the surface of the car has a lot to do with whether the water will bead or sheet off. You have a lot of dust out where you're at for sure, is your car garaged nightly/daily?
    Zaino :shrug: I don't know WHAT to tell ya Jim because you don't ask the right questions and here you go again with this prime example. You ask for a better wax suggestion. You do know that Nu Finish is a polish not a wax, right? Or do you want a sealant? Do you want the deepest brightest shine, or the best paint protection possible? I can tell you right now you won't get BOTH with a single product unfortunately.
    Nu Finish may be better at protecting your paint from road contamination, but Maguiars will provide a better, deeper shine.
    Proof of what!? Damn Jim you asked if Nu Finish was safe for a Mystichrome. We stated that Maguiars was a better wax. If you had asked us for the BEST SEALANT OR BEST POLISH we would have responded differently.
    And as far as pictures my car is Oxford White so the difference in depth of color can not be readily seen on my car in person or in pictures.
    I just re-read everything and I can't find anywhere that I claimed to be a wax professional. I can tell you I have been waxing cars for 27+ years now so I guess I do have a little experience with the process.

    Why are you getting all bent out of shape Jimbo? You asked a question about Nu Finish and whether it was safe to use on your Mystichrome Cobra. We replied and suggested something different. Then you come back and state the following:
    No Jim, you didn't ask us what the best paint was, nor did you ask us what the best wax to use is.

    Jimbo, if you are happy with the results of your informal test then by all means please use the Nu Finish. In the future though I suggest you don't beat around the bush next time and come right out and ask us your questions in a more direct manner. You're not looking for the best wax, you are looking for the best sealant/polish. Two different animals Jim...


    P.S. I can pretty much guarantee there has never been a car on the auto show circuit who has won a "Best of Show" trophy and claimed it was all due to the superior shine provided by Nu Finish! :rlaugh:
  7. Well said U.M.

    I also have been waxing cars since 1980 on the worse paint in the world.

    Funny thing is you never said you used a clay bar.

    The TWO most important steps is a good wash then clay, PERIOD.

    You are scratching the paint if the two steps are not done proper.

    Granted you have nice paint, which ANYTHING on the market will appear to work.

    On bad paint, what I use is the best.

    There is lots of different pro's and cons on all products.
    The detailers that do this for a living is the TRUE experts and they don't buy the crap off the shelf, which is the PROBLEM !
    People are two dam cheap and have no clue on what a new paint job really costs.

    I have tried ALL the crap on the shelf since 1991 and nothing works for me.
    I use what a high end detailer uses and yes its expensive as hell.

    Good luck with what works for you.

    The Expert
  8. I just want to thank you for the posts Cavello, Uncle and Missouri.
    I now know a lot more about this.
    Uncle you broke it down well.

    this is the wax i used

    Also, I used this for my car wash
    the car wash product, page is down now

    I used to use turtle zip wax wash, but I ran out, I didn't see any different results between the washes, so I did not comment on them.

    I will post the pictures of the new wax job in the future on my website, with multiple pics of my car, showing all the waxes and their differences on the mystichrome color, I will update you all when the webage is done on my site.

    My next wax will be that 3 system set by meguires, I just ordered it. Thanks missouri dude

    Jimbo Jones
  9. You might also want to get a Mother's Clay Bar...it's the best way to start off a good wax job...it'll take all the contaminants and imperfections out of the paint and leave it feeling smooth as a baby's butt...Make sure you follow the directions with that though because if you don't use enough lubricant spray with it you can damage the paint...

    A local Autozone or O'Reilly's should have that in stock...and it's reusable up to 3 times...
  10. Jimbo... If you are going to go through all the trouble and work the 3-step process entails, then I totally agree with missouri_guy197 once again. Make this a 4 step process and clay bar the car first. It's a lot of work, but it really pays off in the end!

  11. Rawr! :rlaugh:

    <----me revs Zaino. :cheers:
  12. i use the 3 system set by meguires every 3 months .After every wash, i wax the front of the car for the bugs,easy removal.