too much oil!?!?!

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  1. I changed the oil in my motor few days ago. I pulled both sump plugs and the filter and let them drain for a few min. Put the plugs back in, pored about a quart of oil in the new filter and wiped a ring of oil on the filter's rubber seal. I put 4 quarts in the motor, so I have 5 quarts in there. I start it up and let it run for maybe leaks. next day I drive it about 1.5miles to the gas station and I notice alittle oil leaking at the gas station. I take it home to check it out and I see smoke that smells like oil burning from my exhaust, and a puddle forming under my engine. SO, I'd say I lost 1-2quarts all together. I check the oil dipstick and it says exactly full?!?!?! wtf happened? its the stock oilpan, and stock dipstick. the oilpan gasket up front where the 2 bolts go into the timing cover didn't line up to put those 2 bolts in and we ran it without to see if they leaked and no leak. BUT this is where my oil was leaking from. If there was too much oil could it have been pressured out there until the oil amount leveled out?!? I have moly rings so I know they have slight blowby in the breakin. The motor has about 500miles on it now. Could there have been oil stuck up in the heads? like 1-2 quarts stuck up there that I didn't give time to slowly trickle out? I've never had this happen with my other oil changes? OH I also had to get another pcv valve cause I lost it. I went to autozone and found one that fit my plug and had the hose inlet pointing straight up...could I have gotten a wrong pcv valve and its not allowing pressure to vent? Is there different pcv pressure ratings on those? thanks :flag: The motor ran good the whole time lol. no bad noises
  2. the stock dipstick is off. it will read over full with 5 quarts in it. dont know what to tell you about the leak though
  3. I really think it could be the pcv I put in...
  4. With 5 quarts my stock dipstick reads right at the F.
  5. With 5 litres in my motor, the dipstick read way off the chart. I made a new marking on mine when i did the last oil change.
  6. Your's is definitely overfull!!! :)


    Anyway, 5 quarts is the correct amount of oil. Some dipsticks were off and it varies, so best course of action is to do an oil and filter change, run for a little while, let it sit for a while, and take a look. You can make a new mark if it makes you feel better.
  7. My stang use to read perfectly with the dipstick until I had the motor built up and a windage tray added. Now the dipstick is off, after adding exactly 5qts. It reads about 1/2" over the full line....I dont know why, I just change the oil more frequently and check often for leaks. What gives??
  8. some mustangs admittedly have improper full lines on the stick. the solution is to fill it with 5 quarts and remark the dipstick, as Mav did.
  9. I thought I was alone with my messed up dip stick! guess not mine is way over full with 5 liters just re-mark it. I don't know about that leak maybe a stripped drain bolt when you re-tightened them?
  10. Some of the dipsticks are definately off - I know of two for sure that are. But where is the oil coming from that is leaking is the question. Take a mirror and a good light to see if it is the PVC.
  11. Actually, the handbook states that a foxbody 5.0 takes 4.73 Litres of oil. On the next oil change, I'd fill up and run then engine. Then let the car sit for a half hour and take a measurement. Mark this spot as being full.

    I did this on my last oil change and found that when filled at 4.73 Litres, the location of the oil is above the "knarelled" area marked as full by the arrows engraved on the dipstick.

    It's for this reason it's best to do your own oil changes. Mr Lube garages typically don't care how much/or little they add to you oil change.

    5.0 Litre doesn't mean the oilpan holds 5 litres of oil or is supposed to anyways. In fact, I don't know of any V8 out there that does require 5 litres of oil. I think that's for V10's and V12's.
  12. My owner's guide states 5 US quarts or 4.7 Litres. So that makes perfect sense since there are 0.9464 Litres in a US quart (5 X 0.9464= 4.732 litres).
  13. the displacement of a motor does not have all that much to do with the volume of oil required (though general inferences can be made, which i think is where you were going). the architecture of the motor is more of a factor. there are 3.6 liter motors that require 13 quarts.... and some of the 2.0 and under 4 bangers use almost as much as 5.0's do....

    no real point to any of this, just that V10's and 12's dont necessarily require more oil.....