Upper and lower GT40 Intake manifold (used)

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  1. Up for sale is a intake manifold removed from a Ford Explorer. This intake came off of a 5.0 V8. Which is almost the same as the GT40 intake. This sale is for the upper and lower intake. The cost is $200.00 OBO. I will email pics at your request.

    This is in great running condition.
    This item is in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418
    If you would prefer to pick it up you may do so.
    Shipping for this to the lower 48 states is $45.00.
    International bidders must ask for a shipping quote.

    If you have any questions please ask. (561) 509-4093
    Only Pay Pal accepted. I will send you a invoice to your email address linked to your paypal account.
    Item is used and sold as is!
  2. GT40

    Please send picture
  3. Hello,

    Send me your E-Mail and I will send them. The pictures are what it looks like now. But I am in the process of cleaning and painting it gunmetal grey or plain grey. If you would like a different color or just leave it let me know. Thank you
  4. I'm sorry to say, but an Explorer intake and a GT40 intake are not even close to the same piece.
  5. There is no way to respond to this with out sounding like a tool towards you but im not. Check out Ford Mustang: Mustang Tech: Induction: Explorer Intake Install, www.moddedmustangs.com/.../143796-gt40-intake-manifold-w-explorer-tb.html, and Ford Racing GT-40 Intake Manifold - Car Forums and Automotive Chat. Plus my friend works for Steeda who also confirms the 5.0 Ford Explorer upper intake Manifold is just almost identical the Cobra's is cooler looking. Thank You, please check it out I think you might be surprised.
  6. Let me rephrase my answer. Flow differences aside (even though based even on your own number, the GT40 still slightly outperforms the Explorer intake) the two are built completely differently. Based on your own data, all eight of the intakes tested flowed comparably to one and other, with only the Downs intake showing a clear advantage over the rest. Not saying it isn't a worthwhile choice, just stating the facts.

    What I was mainly getting at, is that although their lowers are very similar, the upper on the GT40 is of tubular construction and each runner is pieced together and welded separately to the convergence area where the Explorer unit, is cast as a single hunk of aluminum and the runners are clustered together.





    Although for all intensive purposes, the intakes are very comparable performance wise, they're still a very different looking intake....and as such, the Explorer shouldn’t be described as "the same as the GT40 intake". If you’d stated they were similar, or that they flowed roughly the same, I wouldn’t have even replied, but stating they are the same….well, that's like calling a Ford Fairmont and a Mustang the same car, because they were both built on the same Fox chassis….but we all know they aren’t anything alike looks wise. ;)

    Not trying wreck your sale here, just clarifying for the masses. I know a lot of people buy parts based on how they look…and since you didn’t post a picture of the said intake, I didn’t want to tack the chance that someone new to the Mustang world looking for an intake would Google search the GT40 based on your description, expecting to get that particular one in the sale, only to find out the one that shows up afterwards looks nothing like the one they saw when they looked it up.

    In any case, $200 is still a good deal for the piece and you shouldn’t have any trouble getting it. :)
  7. i must concur! ive had both intakes at different times, and even though the explorer intake is a fine intake, it would be a little better represented as a "poor man's cobra intake"
  8. Yes you are correct. I should have worded it different. It is almost a replica of the GT40. And yes to the other person who responded, it might be a poor man's Cobra intake but when your on a budget you do what you have to this is good for up to 30 H.P. Just like a five lug swap you dont have to spend more than 100.00 dollars for both front and rear if you know what your looking to get for the swap, i.e. axle shafts from a Ranger and Aerostar, and front rotors from a Lincoln Mark 7. All on a budget with the same result or close to the same.
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