What Fluid In An Aod

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  1. Im getting an AOD to switch over into my car i have a c4 now just wondering what fluid should i use,i was thinking Dex V is this ok to use?
  2. I think most of them actually use Type F.

  3. I thought they said not to use a Type F fluid in them?
  4. Yeah, definitely don't take my word for it. I don't do much auto work here. I am just surprised sometimes when I look in the owner's manual. There's a bunch of Fords out there that people always put Dexron in, and then when you look in the manual it actually says to use Type F.

  5. there is a lot of things you can do with fluids to make the trans do different things... so id talk to who ever is building the trans and see what they suggest
  6. Im trading my C4 for this worked AOD he had royal purple in it...i was thinking i want something different...
  7. I'd stick with the fluid eat been running unless it's got issues. We run john Deere hydraguard in the turbo car. It tightens up the converter about 200rpm over type F. So fluid can make changes
  8. Have the owners manual? Run what it says
  9. The big block car in my shop has a 2 speed with Castrol blue hydraulic oil in it. Never heard of that until this car showed up.

  10. You can use DexronIII/Mercon or Mercon V on a new build. Type F is an older type fluid that does not lubricate as well or handle the heat as well and IMO needs more frequent changes.
  11. ok thats what i bought. DexronIII/Mercon so I should be good to go...
  12. Type F is stickier. Even Chevy guys run it in their T/H 400s to get the transmission to shift harder.

  13. I run "Ati Type F" in my AOD. Its sully synthetic. As long as your clutches can handle the firm shifts. But generally i would stick whatevers been ran in there like said before unless its gotten fully cleaned and rebuilt.
  14. Hey is this the one where I get to say I told ya so .... :)
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  15. LOL....ha ha ha...Funny Guy sure you can say i told you so...There is nothing wrong with the c4 just want an OD again would like to drive my car a little...after the c4 install i put maybe 200 miles on it...LOL
  16. that was my main point the last time being able to use it
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  17. Yeah i know...lol..but im doing an even trade so no money is involved...lesson learned.
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