What Happens If Clutch Packs Go Bad?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by GoBabyVroommm, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. I have a buddy of mine and the Ford dealer told him the clutch packs on the rear end are bad. The car is a 00 GT auto with 43,000 miles on the clock.

    My question is how do you know its bad? What happens if you keep driving with them bad, and how much is it to fix?
  2. The result is the 'One Wheel Peel'. The clutches are what lock the axles together. If they go bad, your limited slip differential becomes an open differential. No damage to the car, just a loss of available traction in some driving conditions. Given dealer labor rates I would bet $500 repair from Ford or $300 from a local shop.

  3. Thanx a lot for the quick reply. :flag:
  4. Mine went also while I swapped out the stock 3.27 for the 3.73. A local shop quoted me $85.00 for the packs and an extra $100 bucks to do the dirty work. 300-500 sounds a little high!
  5. The rebuild kit is $40, It took me about 2 hours to do the one in my 91 GT.
  6. Pay day im gonna order a rebuild kit and some 3.73's. Its so fun to floor it and slam it into second and feel it go from the left to right wheel and back again. And its fun to not be able to whip the back end out going to the right, but can if i dont turn all the way to the left. Pile lol
  7. Should clutch packs NOT allow me to burn both tires at the same time? A couple months back, I left some marks purposefully in front of my ex-employer parking-lot. The marks I left shown two strips of rubber about 50ft long....no interuptions or 1 wheel here or there....just two solid stripes. how is this possible without the clutch-packs? :shrug:
  8. Hmmm so my friend can do the gear at the same time? Do they take the gear out anyway? I really don't know much about the clutch packs. I have 98,000 on my car and they seem fine. I never get a one wheel wonder.
  9. If you have a GT you have a 'traction lok' limited slip differential. Traction lok is fords version of a Positraction. The clutch packs allow both wheels to spin at nearly the same speed, and same direction. If your packs are worn, you notice how your right wheel will spin more often than not. When you get on it. Rain etc.... A way to tell if you have a limited slip is to jack the rear end of your car up and spin one wheel. If the other follows the same way you've got limited slip. I'm fairly new to rwd stuff, so some of the stuff I said may not be 100% accurate. If so please correct me. If your friend wants gears, he might as well get them done at the same time, if he has enough money. Better than draining the rear end twice =/ That stuff smells lol