What is best way to lubricate a tight hose onto a fitting?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Ghost001, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. Hey guys,

    What is the best way to get a tight hose onto a fitting? In other words, what sort of lubricant should I put on the inside of a hose, in order to get it onto a fitting, especially if the fitting is in a hard-to-reach place and it's a very tight fit?

    1. Vaseline? I've heard it partially evaporates and becomes sticky, which is good, right?
    2. Motor oil?
    3. Silicone spray (dry type)?
    4. Silicone spray (wet type)?

    And what is the difference between "dry type" silicone spray and "wet type" silicone spray, aside from the fact that the dry type is better for rubber? Why do they call them "dry type" and "wet type"?

    Also, does it matter if it's a flared fitting versus a barbed fitting? It seems like using a lubricant on a barbed fitting may cause the hose to slip off.

    Finally, would the lubricant make it easier to remove the hose, say 3 years later?
  2. Spit, seriously...
  3. vaseline, motor oil, any lubricant used in moderation would be ok. if its a coolant hose i would use vaseline or a thin coat of grease instead of oil.
  4. for me (and the techs here in our shop) silicone spray works best.
  5. Silicone spray works pretty well, if that still doesn't work, warm the end of the hose up with a heat gun and it'll slip right on.
  6. Silicone spray.
    I would avoid using petroleum jelly on rubber hoses.
  7. Dangit gotta agree with Kilgore. Spit Mother natures lubricant of choice.
    Although the heat gun idea works well too.
    I don't like vaseline it can break down rubber over time. Plus makes yor hands all slippery and then you gotta tell people you got vaseline on your hands and that is never good. :D
  8. If you've got some fear of seeing your own spit, soapy water works well too. Everyone should have a spray bottle of soapy water in their garage.. never know when you might need it.. (RTV, window tint, hoses, etc)
  9. Silicone spray, I use it all the time at my work
  10. KY or Astroglide, kidding.

    I'm gonna go with soapy water too, works and a lil soap wont hurt anything
  11. x2:lol: not kidding.
  12. Thanks for the responses.

    My hard disk crashed, so I haven't had internet access for the last couple of days.

    Those are some good ideas. I'd never thought of spit, soapy water, or a heat gun.

    Yeah, I'd heard that oil or petroleum jelly might not be good for rubber hoses.

    I guess I'll go with the silicone spray (dry type), and I may try some of the other non-petroleum ideas as well.