Wheel Backspacing / Offset

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  1. How many "Will these wheels fit" threads have we seen?

    Too many for me to count! So I had this idea to make a sticky for just such a topic.

    Here is what we need:

    Wheel Name
    Wheel Size
    Back Spacing
    Spacer Size and brand (if used)
    Tire Brand
    Tire Size
    Fender lip rolling (Yes / No)
    Inner wheel well massaging (Yes / No)
    1 Picture of the side of the car
    1 Picture from the rear of the car
    1 Closeup picture looking down from the rear wheel well fender flare

    I'm going to leave this thread open for posting (as opposed to having these things PM'd to me)

    Please do not post anything in this thread OTHER than those items listed above and comments relating DIRECTLY to YOUR install of the items listed above.

    All other posts will be removed by either myself or other 5oh staff. I'd rather the user base took care of this thread and not have to lock it up for staff posting only.


  2. I guess I will start things off,

    Black Bullits
    5.95 backspacing
    24MM offset
    Falken FK 452 255/35/18 (run narrow)
    Falken FK 452 275/35/18
    No Fender Lip rolling
    No Inner wheel massaging
    Removed Quad shocks
    Removed Tailpipes
    Fox Length 5-lug axles
    SN-95 Spindles

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  3. I will get the right pictures soon, but for now this is what others have taken...

    Wheel Name: Anthracite Bullitts
    Wheel Size: 18x9 / 10
    Back Spacing: N/A
    Offset: 24mm / 22mm
    Spacer Size and brand (if used): None
    Tire Brand: Falken FK 452
    Tire Size: 255/35/18, 285/35/18
    Fender lip rolling (Yes / No): Yes
    Inner wheel well massaging (Yes / No): No


    NEW PICS!!


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  4. Not as Big But
    Wheel Name: Kewbra SVT
    Wheel Size: 17x9
    Back Spacing: N/A
    Offset: None
    Spacer Size and brand (if used): None
    Tire Brand: Kumho ASX
    Tire Size: (Rear) 275 40 17" (Front) 235 30 17"
    Fender lip rolling: (Yes)
    Inner wheel well massaging: (No)

    Front Left Wheel (Old Comp T/A Tire)

    All i have For Now. i Will Edit this Post And Put in The rest of Required Pics..

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  5. 18X8.5 Draglite XP's with 4.5" BS
    Capital Negotiator Tires
    245/40/18 front
    275/35/18 rear
    No mesagging at all necessary.
    No pics of how the rear wheel sits in the wheel well, but it is in just enough so that the wheel doesn't rub the fender.
    Oh and by the way Eibach prokit with ES islolators.

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  6. 17x8 01 bullit replicas
    Can't remember offset but I think it's 29mm
    sn95 front spindles / ranger rear axles
    Eibach Pro-kit 1.5 lowering springs
    Pirelli 235/45/17
    No Spacers
    No fender mods
    No rubbing


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  7. That would be good! :nice: Your post is not gone, only hidded until you're ready to post the info. Just drop me a PM when you're ready. It doesn't do anyone much good without the details of the install.
  8. 15X8 Rear w/5.5 bs
    15X6 Front w/3.5 bs
    195-65-15 kumho's up front
    235-60-15 cooper's out back
    Will get some better pics from more angles soon.
  9. Front: 96-04 spindles. 17X8 Bullit's +30mm offset.
    Backspace: 5.72"
    Fender lip rolling: NO
    79-90 fenders with LX moldings and they do NOT rub.
    Tires: 245-45-ZR17
    Do they stick out?: NO

    Rear: 1999-2004 solid axle. 17X9 Bullits with +45mm offset.
    Backspace: 6.8"
    Fender lip rolling: YES
    Wheel Well massaging: NO
    Tires: 285-40-R17 F1's
    Do they stick out?: NO
    Do they bottom out?: NO





  10. You may want to add if there is any spring drop done on the car as well.
    I will post my car up when I get all the pics required.
  11. Hi i just bought a new 93' 5.0 GT and i want to do a 17x9 front and 17x10.5 in the rear but i wanna make sure that they are going to work. I am worried about the clearance of the shock that is welded to the axel rubbing. Can someone help me out i am looking at the Cobra "R" deep dish rims. thanks
  12. ...I think I'd categorize this as "Sticking Out"??? I have a 1.5 - 1.7" drop on my 88 GT using the Sportline Eibachs and if I had those mounted on the back of my car - the first hard turn I'd take the fender would be laying down on the tire.

    I niticed a couple guys mentioning which spindles the are using and that can make a big difference on fitment up front as well as figuring out what offset or B.S. would be needed.

  13. 1988 Mustang GT 5 Speed

    Front: 96-04 spindles. 17X8 Bullit's +30mm offset.
    Backspace: 5.72"
    Fender lip rolling: NO
    Tires: 245-45-ZR17
    Do they stick out?: NO

    Rear: New 1986-93 Rear solid axle. 17X8 Bullit's +30mm offset.
    North Race Cars Fox-Length Rear Axle Kit
    Backspace: 5.72"
    Fender lip rolling: Not yet, No
    Wheel Well massaging: NO
    Tires: 245-45-ZR17
    Do they stick out?: NO
    Do they bottom out?: NO

    Driving Notes: The front tires have just a tiny, and I mean very tiny small scrub under hard corners or a large dip or bump in the road. Again I have my car lowered pretty good but I also have not installed the new adjustable AGX struts and shocks yet - soon though. This will stiffen up the suspension and control the suspension travel to be much tighter which is what i want. This should eliminate the minimal scrub. I'm being very picky here.
    I also recommend that if you run a 9" or 10" wide wheel with a 275 width or higher tire out back that you purchase some aftermarket upper and lower control arms to tighten up the rear suspension. Most 5.0s stock control arms are sloppy at best with a 20 year old suspension. This will also allow you to ditch the quads.
    I also installed thye Eibach front and rear sway bar kit which is real nice and helped further tune a good handling tight suspension. Just some things to think about.
    Another direction that I urge 5.0 guys to take is using the 86-93 8.8 rear (not an SN95) if you want to run wider tires out back. Use the North Race Cars Fox-Length Kit which includes fox-length axles, custom laser cut brackets, and new e-brake cables.

    I am getting ready to order a set of 17x9 rear bullitts with a 275/40/17 tires. I have already test fit a 2003 Cobra wheel with this tire on it (see last pic). With the amount of drop my suspension has It will clear but again I plan to take this car on a road course and drive it hard. For safety I will roll the rear lip since it's a little closer to the lip than I would like. If you only drop your car about an inch it'd be fine. Being realistic and safe are a priority when doing modifications on my cars. I see so many people with 9 and 10 inch wide wheels that stick out and don't fit properly and I just feel that it not only looks bad but is not safe.







  14. Here's the New Billet Specialties Street Lite Drag Wheels on my 88 GT.

    Front: 96-04 spindles. 15x3.5 Billet Specialties Street Lites
    Backspace: 1.75 B.S. (with 7/16" spacers in the front only to clear the calipers)
    - For a little more clearance inside the wheel well, you could opt for the 94-95 spindles to move the wheels in about 3/8" each side, then go with a 1/2" or 9/16" wheel spacer and have a little more clearance without having to modify the caliper bracket.)
    Fender lip rolling: NO
    Tires: 165/80-15 Kumho Powerstar 758
    Do they stick out?: NO - just tuck inside.

    Rear: New 1986-93 Rear solid axle. 15x8 Billet Specialties Street Lites
    Backspace: 5.50"
    North Race Cars Fox-Length Rear Axle Kit
    Fender lip rolling: Not yet, I will just to make sure but these don't seem to rub either - surprisingly!
    Tires: 275/50-15 Nitto Drag Radials
    Do they stick out?: NO - Just tuck inside the lip!
    Do they bottom out?: NO







  15. Great pics and information...does anybody have pics of the rear of the tires...I am looking to maximize my "Fat" wheel look for my 93 Lx Fox body with out having to "Tub" the rear?...Any suggestions?...
  16. Ranger axles/drums Mark VII Rotors

    Wheel Name= 1999 Mustang GT Pony Wheels
    Wheel Size= 17"
    Back Spacing= stock
    Offset= stock
    Spacer Size and brand= 1/4 spacers on front. unknow brand
    Tire Brand=
    Tire Size= Rears. 245/45/17 Fronts 235/45/17
    Fender lip rolling= No
    Inner wheel well massaging= No


    ill get better pics tonight.

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  17. i just picked up 03 cobra calipers and spindles with raybestos 13"rotors i also just bought 03 original cobra wheels .i will be doing a five lug conversion but i am curious any issues that i need to be aware of as far as spindles go are they the same from 94-04?what size tires can i go with that won't require me to roll the lips in the back?
  18. That's a negative. The pic is decieving. They did not stick out. A straight edge proved it.
  19. Can I see a straight edge pic please? To me it's overly obvious fromt the pic the tire bulges way outside the rear fender.

  20. Nice thread, Very helpful. Lets see some moar!