Wiring diagram for hazard light switch?

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  1. Been wanting to get around to fixing the switch for my hazards for about a year, now. Last time I had my gauge cluster out, those stupid bass-ackwards clips holding the wiring plugs into the back of the switches for the headlights and such resulted in my accidentally pulling out a couple of wires from the back of the plugs - I didn't even pull on them hardly, they just sort of fell out and dangled there. I haven't a clue which ones go where, and as it sits now, my rear defrost and hazards are dead - not that I use defrost out here, anyway, but having hazard lights would be a nice safety bonus, y'know?

    Anyhow, does anyone have or can point me to a wiring diagram for the hazard light/rear defrost switch for an '89 model? ... preferably one that specifies colors of wires and such?
  2. next time im in shop at school i can try printing one out on shopkey and scanning it or mayb toamorw i can ask a friend to do it for me casue ill be needing a wiring diagram for my car also
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  4. Awesome! Many thanks!

    Say, anyone know an easy way to unhook those weird clips from the back of the switch without breaking anything? I had to fart around with the bugger for about an hour last time to maneuver a pair of screwdrivers behind it to pry the clips out and wiggle the thing off the switch. Is there a specialized tool I can buy/make to simplify the mess?
  5. I don't have a diagram for the Defrost switch, but if you look inside the back of the switch housing by the terminals you should see the letters B, D, J, U.

    The terminals go to the corresponding wire colors:

    B - P/O
    D - GY/LB
    J - BR/LB
    U - P The switch is probably missing this terminal, but the connector may still contain a purple wire.

    LRS carries harness connector release tools for $20 that come in handy. The tools come in a set with different bends in the tips for different connector clips. It can still be a pain to release with the the tools, but they beat screwdrivers most of the time.

    Ford also says for the ramp style clip locks like you see on the Hazard switch that you can just grab the whole harness and pull, but as brittle as these connectors get I would be afraid that you would end up pulling all the wires out at once so I usually save that method for the junkyard.
  6. At this point, I'm about ready to just go ahead and break the crap, then find some alternative ghetto way of holding the thing in place, afterward. Clips on plugs annoy the crap out of me. My funky Z-shaped screwdriver usually works, but even now it fails to make this crap any easier.

    I've always wondered, are you supposed to somehow pull the switch out through the front and THEN un-clip the wiring harness from it, or do you have to do what I've been doing and fight the little buggers from the backside to un-clip their harnesses?
  7. Huzzah! I have working hazard lights again! Dunno if the defogger works or not, but the hazards were my main priority. Many thanks, again!

    Oh, and I used a blob of JB Kwik on the backside of the wiring harness plug to secure everything into place so that the wires don't push out or wiggle out of there again. Had to snap off one of the clips to get that bugger out of there, but the top one still holds it in there just fine.
  8. I've always pulled them out from the front first, then you can pull a few inches of the harness out to have easier access to the clips. If you look at the outsides of the switches (lights and hazards) you'll see two 'catches' that you can depress in order to wiggle the switch out. Usually you have to alternate depressing each catch and wiggle the switch, but it comes out in a few seconds.
  9. :hail2: Saleen! You are the man bro!! I went to disconnect that harness to do some dash work and all the wires pulled right out of that harness. I have been searching all evening for that exact pic!.....thanks!!
  10. thanks alot!!

    hey just wanted to say thanks for all of this information... i did the same thing in my 88 GT and couldnt find any info in fixing it....