Expired 1991 Ford Mustang Gt

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    Introducing one of the baddest 91 Hatch-Back Mustangs to ever hit the street...Continuously built over the span of 10 years, this true original, The 520+ Rear Wheel HP Coast High Performance 1991 Ford Mustang Hatch-Back, is now being made available to the public. With well under ONLY 4,000 miles on a brand new Coast High Performance specialty 347 Crate Motor, this 91' Stang is looking the right owner to perform and show off for.

    Link to the Mustangs website: https://sites.google.com/site/91fordgt/home

    Though she boasts enough horses to break loose in all 6 gears, she has never been used as a race vehicle! Her primary use has always been to make us look good as a company and allow us to show off the fact that Coast High Performance has always been an

    "Obvious solution to making the most of a good balance of Great Parts!"
    We created this site in order to properly illustrate the roughly $70,000 invested in this one of a kind Mustang! The Exterior, Interior and Under The Hood links in the navigation bar at the top of the site will brake down "what's included" in the asking price of $20,000 or best offer.

    email Eric at [email protected]
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    a van down by the river
    I'll beat noobz to it...

    Please enter the item's location and post pics within the ad. Thanks!

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