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    Hey there guys. My name is Kevin. I've been watching the forums for a little while now, but finally signed up to be active. I got my Stang last March and have absolutely been in love with it every day since. Time has flown! I always liked classic Mustangs, but when the 05's came out I knew I had to have a new one someday! Like many, the 2010's funky rearend worried me at first, but it quickly grew on me and I now think it is one of the most refined and beautiful cars ever made! I was blessed enough to be able to purchase my dream car as a college graduation present for myself last March. I kick myself sometimes for not waiting for the 5.0's, but I got my dream car with all my options so I'm way more than happy. It's Sterling Grey Metallic. Of course 5-speed. Had the louvers and scoops all put on at the dealership as it did not have them at first. It also has the 402A(i think) premier interior which looks awesome I think. Swore I was going to keep everything stock, but there are so many around these days I have to do something to stand out so I'm just about to order American Muscle's Chrome GT500 replica wheels (19x8.5 all around), magnetic decklid panel, weathertech floormats, and some chrome door lock pins. Hope that gets me started for now. I had a friend who is a photographer take some shots of me and my friend's 09. Turned out great! Hope yall enjoy and thanks for all the support these forums provide!


    And the link for the gallery just in case you'd like to see the rest.
    Rickey's Photography | Mustangs