1. Hey Guys,
    I need to clear some shelf space and I was wondering if anyone was interested in the following Baer Rotor Kits for '05-Present Mustang GTs, brand new in the box:

    I have a set of front Eradispeed +2 rotors P/N 2261026 and rear Eradispeed +2 rotors P/N 2262019 for an '05-Present Mustang GT. They're both 2 piece, 14" diameter rotors and are direct bolt ons. Here's the link to them on our site: Baer Eradispeed Plus 2 Front & Rear 14" Rotors

    Our retail on both sets together is $1450 but PM me for information and the price.
    I also have Hawk Pads on the shelf that would work with them.

    - Jeff

    Atomic Performance