Expired Custom Built Headers And Exhaust Pipes

Discussion in 'Exhaust Parts' started by vince chiavetta, Mar 8, 2014.

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    SBF Fox Body Mustang Custom Built Drag Race Exhaust SystemHeaders built by Accufab Racing in 2012 for $900 inline bolt pattern with 3 Steps.Primary tube 1 3/4"...Secondary tube 1 7/8Final 2" to 3.5" collector with v-band clamps. O2 sensor mounted on drivers side header.The headers have also been ceramic/thermal barrier coating superkote by Lo-ko Power Performance Coatings $300 value.3.5" Galvanized exhaust tubing with v-band clamps, street legal mufflers and 3.5" dumps made to fit and install on factory location.$400 value. Total $1600 value. Drivers header was repaired.section was replaced. Both headers have scrapes on the bottom from wheelies (very common). Other than that headers and finish are in great shape with out leaks.$850 ... call Vince 773 418 4058

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