1. Fiore Micro Click Firewall Adjusters

    Hey guys,
    We have the Fiore Performance Micro-Click Adjusters, Quadrants & kits available for immediate shipment.
    They're, by far, the nicest firewall adjusters on the market today. These units utilize a spring loaded bearing which fits in a groove machined into the threads of the adjuster, to allow the knob to be turned by hand but will not loosen on it's own. They also have a bearing pressed into the face of the adjusting knob to allow the knob to turn independently of the cable, eliminating cable bind.

    Check out their products on our site here:
    Fiore Micro-Click Firewall Adjuster - $49.95 Shipped!

    Fiore Aluminum Clutch Quadrant - $34.95 Shipped!

    Fiore Micro-Click Firewall Adjuster & Quadrant Combo - $79.95 Shipped!

    Fiore Micro-Click Adjuster, Billet Quadrant & Adjustable Cable Kit - $109.95 Shipped!

    You won't be disappointed with this product. The pictures don't do the piece justice.

    Atomic Performance

    Remember: No Handling Fees, No Hidden Charges, just Free & Fast ground shipping to the lower 48 states on ALL parts.

    - Jeff
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