FMS N-302 Long Tubes & Hi-Po Like Manifold

Discussion in 'Exhaust' started by nitroracer, Jul 20, 2010.

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    Ford Motorsport long tube headers for early mustang and mid-size fords with small block windsor engines. The part number on these reads N-302. The tube nearest the power steering ram is dented in for clearance. Should fit mustang, cougar, torino, ranchero and similar cars up to 72/73. $60 + Shipping


    Drivers side exhaust manifold from an early 1970's ford car that looks similar to a Hi-Po 289 manifold. I was running this on a 351 windsor engine in a 68' Fairlane until I could find a proper header to fit the car. Casting starts with D3 so I would expect it came from a 1973 or later maverick or cougar. Works great in the earlier cars because it is thin and clears the steering ram. $15 + Shipping


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