SOLD Free... Mustangworld Homemade Ramps (for Lowered Stang) + Stock Springs ('03 Gt)

Discussion in 'Suspension Parts' started by NO5OH, Oct 4, 2013.

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    Oct 4, 2013
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    Yup... Free.

    I'm moving and I no longer own my old '03 GT, which was lowered, so it's time to get rid of the ramps. I obviously have no need for the springs either so if you take the ramps, you take the springs. I got the instructions for the ramps from years ago. They provide about an 8" lift in front, which was enough for me to get under the car and mess with MIL eliminators and swap X/H pipes, etc.

    The only catch is you have to come and get them this weekend as I am moving. I am in south Denton.

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