FS: Spec Clutch/PP, Spec Flywheel, Stage 8 Header Locks

Discussion in 'Drivetrain Parts' started by FloridaCarNut, May 15, 2011.

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    May 15, 2011
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    For Sale

    Brand New In Box Spec Clutch/PP (SF461) - $250 OBO + Shipping - SOLD!

    Brand New In Box Spec Flywheel (SF46A)

    This item is currently listed on ebay on auction @ $200. If it does not sell on ebay I will list it here for $300 OBO + Shipping

    Brand New In Box Header Locks (8906M) - $40 OBO + Shipping

    I prefer to do all transactions through paypal, all items can be shipped as fast/expensive or slow/cheap as you prefer.

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