Expired Fs: Ultimate Foxbody Gauge Cluster & Pillar Setup

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    Ultimate Foxbody Gauge Cluster & Pillar Setup: $850

    If you have any questions, please call: 716-861-six,four,three, three :after 5pm mon-fri and weekends or txt anytime. I’m also available generally through aim anytime “grdmas23”.

    All gauges and central cluster are brand new and come with all associated sensors. Gauges are made by Speedhut and all are reverse glow red. Receipts will be included for lifetime warranty coverage.

    For more info on speedhut gauges check out the following link: http://www.speedhut.com

    Has a carbon fiber backing made by Florida 5.0 which contains the following gauges:
    * Revolution 3-3/8 in. 8,000 rpm Tachometer (w/shift-lights) (w/peak) with external remote LED shift light
    * Revolution 3-3/8in. GPS 120mph Speedometer (with Turn signals and highbeam) [No need for tranny speedo cable]
    * Revolution 2-5/8 in. Fuel Level programmable
    * Revolution 2-5/8 in. Oil 100 psi (w/Dual Peak)

    Pillar Gauges (Pillar holder included):
    * Revolution 2-1/16 Fuel 0-100 psi Custom Gauge (w/ Dual Peak)
    * Revolution 2-1/16 Boost/Vac -30hg -20psi Custom Gauge (w/ Dual Peak)
    * Revolution 2-1/16 Air / Fuel Wide Band custom Gauge (FOR PLX) have AFR sensor

    Dash Gauges (Central dash gauge holder included) :
    * Revolution 2-5/8 in. Trans Temp 140-300F (w/peak)
    * Revolution 2-5/8 in. Volt 0-18 (w/peak)

    Will not separate.
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