Expired GT4 Staggered Wheels & Tires - Gainesville FL $1100

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    Perfect condition - GT40 staggered wheels and General Tire tires. Wheels are 9" in front with 255/35/18 tires, and 10" in rear with 295/40/18's. Tires are like new, and show no wear! Includes TPS sensors for all late model Mustangs. See the pictures for how awesome these wheels and tires look on the car. They make an amazing difference in the stance and look. Compared to stock wheels and tires, I felt these were much better ride for everyday driver. At this price, they are a great deal for this condition. New the wheels were $630 and the tires another $1000 for these sizes, TPS & bands almost $100 each. Asking $1100 for the set.The bolt pattern is 5 x 114.3 with and will fit a number of vehicles. (18 x9" - 24 backspacing; 18x10" - 22 backspacing.)

    These wheels are backspaced for the 99-04 cars, but fit the 06-09's as well (See photos)

    Includes lug nuts and locking lugs.

    fordracing at cox.net

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