More and bigger 05 Cobra pics

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    The title of this thread is "More bigger 05 Cobra pics".. Whats the problem? I would have said...."Bigger 05 Cobra Pics"!! So you see romans8:28, Sal chose to add "More", when I would have just said "Bigger"!!

    Lets not split hairs over this!! The car is on the front page, where everyone truley interested in the facts of this case, would have read that it is stated as a replica.. But those who like to split hairs, never bothered reading the article of the car, they just want to draw blood from PowerSurge over this..
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    this is not a cobra, its a GT, thats why people posting here are arguing about.
  3. MSP

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    My good friend Brodude200Two!! We understand what it is.. But we should all be adults here.. We wouldnt let something so trivial ruin our day would we? Yes we would!! So peharps "Bigger 05 Cobra Replica Pics"! You like that better? Does that stroke your ego the right way? Does that make you feel more like a man? LOL!! Not directed at you personally BrodudeTwoThousand02!
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