Nos Valves, Springs, Retainers, Locks 1969 Gt 40

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    Hello, I have been saving a set of NOS valvetrain parts to put in a 289 or 302 or 351W , however I am switching gears.
    I have 1969 GT 40 swirl polished intake valves 1.875 diameter, polished exhaust valves 1.625 diameter,
    Double valve springs, retainers and locks. Part numbers are as follows: Intake valve-C90Z-6507-AA,
    Exhaust valve-C90Z-6505-AA, Springs-C3AZ-6513-B, Retainers-C90Z-6514-D,and locks-C9ZZ-6518-A.

    These items look great! Please call for details 336-452-2185 Asking 900.00 for the entire lot. I will separate these items, call and we will come to an agreement. Thanks Chris

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