PLEASE READ THIS. Asking for a little help with my mothers 71 Mustang

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    I know this is a reach but i couldn't think of any better way to find help. My mom bought this car when she was 19 it was a year old, And since she's never let it go. Over the years she's been offered countless times to sell the car and she never gave it a second thought. It's currently sitting with no engine or transmission in the hot Tucson sun, And to get a little more deep on may 14th of this year my sister Genevieve Widmer passed away from cervical cancer, My mom spent the last 5 months with her 24/7 never leaving her side, ever since she has been strong but hurt and sometimes i can see the sadness in her eyes. The hurt comes from not only losing her first child but now having to raise two grand children. My mom is a great woman and always does the best to help anyone she can. At the moment she doesn't have a vehicle and what I've been thinking is i'd love to get a couple of my cousins and start building her old Mustang back up i believe she could use some joy in such a hard few years. I'm not asking for money all I'm asking is if anyone has any kind of spare parts for a 71 Mustang that are no longer needed i'd be more then appreciative. I believe if any of you ever knew my mom or met her you'd fall in love she's a terrific woman with the biggest heart. If you can help please do if not thank you anyway. A prayer for her and my family would do just fine. Thank you and god bless. If anyone wants any more info i'd be happy to give that. -Matthew Hafner

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