Real Cobra R wheels?

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  1. Are these real Cobra R wheels?
    on the inside is says "HINODEX" as well as "MADE IN JAPAN".

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    Thanks in advance!
  2. Yes, real cobra r are on fact made in japan. They don't say ford anywhere. Those are the highly desirable r58 wheels which are lighter and stronger than r50s which are ford made r wheels.

    Early ones said "Nippon" later ones said "hidonex"

  3. Yup, there's a 24 on the inside on one of the spokes. It says 17x9JJ 24. 24 has a circle around it.

    BTW...what is r58?

  4. Yes, those are r58 wheels. It's the part number

  5. R58 is the 24mm offset rims
    M179's are even harder to find and are a 36mm offset, i am forever looking for sets of those rims.