Expired Shelby Mustang Automotive Horror Novel Released

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    Released on Amazon by the author.

    White Horse Blue Streak

    $2.99 for digital book.


    Thank you,

    Richard Elsliger


    For decades, a factory built racecar has eluded capture, maintaining constant anonymity, her only known appearance, a meager footnote in the Shelby American Registry. “Present whereabouts not known.” Missing since 1966, this legendary Shelby Mustang serial number 5R529 was presumed forever lost. With no documented history and no chain of title, 5R529 is about to be discovered by Brett Thompson, a young man with no future. But some cars are better left undiscovered and certain futures left unrealized. 5R529 is about to strap a supercharger to Brett Thompson’s uneventful life and show him the way. White paint, blue stripes and a steady hand behind the wheel will coalesce to set ablaze Road America’s race track, steering man and machine toward stardom on the vintage racing circuit. What Brett Thompson doesn’t know is the grim secret concealed by this dark horse will take him down a twisted road of terror changing his life forever.

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