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    Ohhh, the full story is coming out. What did it take to get your car down to 2710? the curb weight is 2750 for a hatch, which means you can expect it to weigh ~2900+ without the driver. I estimate my race weight to be 3100.... but I am working on that.
    I am in the process of pulling the insulation underneath the interior out, and I am pretty sure I am going to yank the AC which I really don't feel like fixing again. I also added a TON of weight in the form of other upgrades. Pony wheels with 245 tires is the biggie, but I also have all different (and heavier speakers) with a single 10" sub and 11" brakes instead of the little 10" brakes. I have added way to much rotating mass. :nonono:
    I am also planning to get coil overs and if I can afford it, a fiberglass SVO hood. that would just be cool.
    PS, maybe I should lose a little weight. :shrug:
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    Full story?

    All I did was eliminate the sound deadener in the cabin, remove the extra layers
    of carpet whatever in the hatch along with the sound deadener there. Then I
    took out the spare tire. Nothing anyone else couldn't do.

    I still like to attribute it to my "skills" but don't have much to compare it to.
    No one else really raced their SD 5 speed to know.

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