Various SN95 Parts (charcoal leather steering wheel, etc)

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    I'm selling the following parts which have come off of various Mustang's I've owned, SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED IN PRICES:

    Leather Charcoal Steering Wheel - off of an 01. In good shape with minimal wear, no rips, tears, or scratches - comes with the cruise control also - $95


    1994 Mustang A/C-Heat control cluster - This is just the cluster and knobs, the rear parts are not included (except for the fan adjustment) - $13


    1994-04 door carpet - This is from an 95 GT. I bought them on eBay, but never put them on my car. These are black, not charcoal- $15.

    99-04 Charcoal deck lid - In ok shape, got it from a wrecked 01 - $15

    1994-97 gray vents - $10

    99-04 Passengers side fog light - Has some light fogging, no bulb included - $15

    94-98 Fog Light deletes - $10

    I also have a pair of horizontal taillights from a 94, bezels painted white. Comes with wiring harness as well. They aren't in perfect shape...I'll let them go for $80.


    I only accept Paypal. PM me if interested and I'll send you Paypal and shipping information.

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