Video: Steeda 2010 Mustang On-Track Testing

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    <p>This year's <a href="" target="_blank">2009 Camp Steeda</a> event held host to loads of Ford Mustang enthusiast entertainment and also an action-packed debut of the new 2010 Mustang the team has been working upon hard to perfect: the next Steeda Q-Series Mustang. The video shared here shows a great sample of the new Steeda Mustang testing out several new performance and suspension components which are later destined to become the standard for the Steeda Q-series fleet. Test mules are commonly adorned with camouflage garb and padding, but these were disguised to look like regular 2010 Mustangs sans Steeda applique to attract the &quot;just right&quot; amount of attention. Enjoy the video, everyone!</p>

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