Iracing Mustang Challenge - Season 3 - Race 4 - Donington Park

Iracing Mustang Challenge - Season 3 - Race 4 - Donington Park

Mike Wille

Crew Chief
Joe Pisciotta, Jr.
The Grand Touring Challenge series headed to the United Kingdom for race number 4.

Mike Wille again flew the Revolution Race Group banner this week in his Stangnet / Late Model Restoration FR500 Mustang.

Former Mustang Challenge Champion Vedran Broz would start on pole with a record setting qualifying time of 1:44.072 and Wille would start next to him on the front row at a 1:44.274 and Kevin C. Ford in third.

During the rolling start Broz would jump the green flag, as he entered turn 1 he had put distance between he and Wille. Ford was prepared for the jump and took second place away from Wille.

Broz got out to an almost 3 second lead while Wille worked on Ford for second and after a few laps they changed spots with Wille setting his sights on the leader.

As the laps counted down Wille put a dent in Broz's lead but lapped traffic would play a major role at the end. With the gap closed to 1 second a slower Pontiac Solstice jumped in front of Wille slowing is momentum as the leader pulled away.

Broz would go onto win the race, Wille in second and Ford rounding out the top 3.

However, Mike Wille is the new Grand Touring Challenge series leader in the Mustang class with his 209 second place points.

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iRacing News Article.

Donington Debut Shuffles GTC Standings
by Jeff Jacobs on August 28th, 2014
After an action-packed week of sim-racing at established favorite Watkins Glen, the Grand Touring Cup made its first appearance at Donington Park to kick off a three week run through tracks in the U.K. While the real-world Donington dates back to the 1930s, iRacing introduced the virtual version just in time to be part of this season’s 12-week schedule. The new track opened the door to new championship points leaders in two of the three classes in GTC.

Mustangs running four-wide going into Turn 1 on the opening lap was not a recipe for success as drivers learned the limits of Donington Park during the GTC’s first appearance at the track.
Revolution Race Group driver Mike Wille jumped to the top of the Mustang standings with a strong finish in the Sunday strength-of-field race. Although Vedran Broz took the win in that race, Wille’s second-place finish gave him 209 points for the week and a 48-point lead over prior-leader Vladimir Ozeretskovskiy. Adding to the drama, Kevin Ford claimed a big win on Saturday and was rewarded with enough points to tie Ozeretskovskiy for second overall. Broz was the top qualifier of the week with a 1:43.651 lap, fastest of the 159 Mustang sim-racers who competed in Week 4.

Michael Denton (#4) leads Christian Challiner (#3) and a pack of Mustangs on his way to a win at the GTC’s first visit to Donington Park’s Grand Prix Circuit.
Andreas Katz trailed Andrey Loginov by three points in the Solstice class coming into Donington, but finished the week with an 18-point lead. However, in qualifying it was Loginov who took top honors with a 1:52.471 lap, almost two tenths quicker than Katz. Of the 165 Solstice drivers who tried their hand at the new track, 37 different racers took home wins in 51 official races.

David Terry (#13) tries to hold off eventual race winner Edmilson Vidal (#10) while Xander Staal looks for an opportunity to close the gap at Donington Park.
In the Jetta class, there was no such change at the top, with Marco Luca Abbate continuing his reign as the leader for the fourth week. While the Jetta class doesn’t draw as large a field of competitors as the other two classes, Abbate demonstrated his overall speed by again taking the top qualifying time (1:46.886). This time he only edged out Nicholas Sladeczek for that honor by 0.095sec. In the competition for “extreme sim-racing,” Jetta driver Torsten Boltjes is building a commanding lead – running 32 races and claiming 27 wins at Donington. In just the first four weeks of Season 3, Boltjes has run 120 official races and taken 79 wins. By comparison, the next closest Jetta driver has run 25 races in the same period.
The GTC series continues its U.K. tour with a visit to Brands Hatch in Week 5. Favorable weather conditions appear likely to allow for new world records in qualifying and race laps. Racing action should be intense as the top Jetta qualifier is posting times just 1.2 seconds slower than the fastest Mustang qualifier. With the Jetta able to maintain momentum around the Brands Hatch sweeping turns and not give up speed to the higher powered Mustang, Week 5 will test the patience and inter-class racing skills of drivers in both classes. Everyone will find the track map, lap guide, videos and other helpful information in the Series Forum.
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