1. B

    For Sale 99 - 04 Mustang H-pipe with working Cats for sale

    I have a stock H-pipe with cats. Still works, have no use for it since installing Long Tubes and new O/R H-Pipe. The H-Pipe was Pulled from a 2000 Ford Mustang GT. I am Located in Queens, New York City, New York. Zip Code 11385. Does NOT Include 02 Sensors or Sensor Wires. Does NOT Include...
  2. D

    Delete 2nd Cats & Pass Inspection?

    Hello, I own a 2003 3.8l V6 Mustang Convertible (5spd manual), all stock. Next week, I am going to be building a custom dual exhaust for it (either divorced or H-pipe; can't decide). While I was looking underneath to make measurements, I saw the second set of cats (long ones with the flat...
  3. austindorow

    02 GT cat delete question

    has anyone ever cut out the second from front cats on a 2v, hows it sound, and will it throw codes, my current setup is stock cats with offroad h pipe no muffler. the ones i want to cut out are circled. thanks
  4. BigCountry2000

    2001 Mustang Gt Throwing P0430 Code

    Just Wondering what would cause this? Bad o2 sensor? Bad cat? if i were to buy an Off road h pipe and Mil Eliminators and just delete the cats would this fix the code.

    Exhaust Advice On Exhaust?

    Workin with my daily drivin 01 GT auto. At the moment i have flowmaster mufflers and she sounds pretty sweet when i lay my foot down but i want to uncork her and get rid of my cats. (Without getting in trouble) any advice?