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    2003 GT 4.6 - Best exhaust from 3 options

    Hi, I have a completely stock 2003 Mustang GT 4.6. I have three local exhaust opportunities each at $100 1: Stock system just replacing mufflers with Borla Bullet Style mufflers 2: Stock system with Flowmaster Super 44 mufflers 3: BBK Offroad X pipe 2.5” with Dynomax Super Turbos I’m looking...
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    Fox Dynomax Catback.

    Has anybody ever tried the dynomax catback? I'm thinking about getting it for my 88 LX, with BBK shorties and a x pipe. What is your opinions on it, since ive never tried it. Im either going to go SLP Loudmouth 1's or the dynomax ultra flo catback...