1. J

    Electrical 92 LX headlight switch and turn signal switch acting funky

    Currently towards the end of my project here on my 92 LX. Over the course of the year I dropped a 5.0 T5 setup in it. Right now I’m in the stages of finishing touches, and just wired my fan up today. Me being me, I decided to see if my gauge lights would turn on. (Now mind you, my front end is...
  2. Fox5-0

    For Sale AFR 8017 Valve Springs

    Almost brand new set of AFR 8017 valve springs. Came on my AFR 185 heads for Foxbody. Driven less than 500 miles, taken off when supercharger was added. I upgraded to the AFR 8019 springs. These are perfect for stock or built N/A car. $75 OBO. Call or text (816)-977-5047 Hydraulic Roller Spring...
  3. D

    ECU and Wiring for a foxbody swap

    Help appreciated! I am hopefully nearing the end of swapping a 98 cobra engine and manual transmission in to my 92 foxbody. My friend that was heading up the wiring has been m.i.a. for a while so I have decided to re do the wiring. I'm not getting any spark while trying to start the car up and...
  4. T

    Aod transmission dipstick question

    Alright so today I just drained the fluid from the pan and did the pan gasket when I went to fill up the transmission I added fluid into the dipstick and it just sat for a second didn't drain down and started to overfill when the funnel was raised is it possible that the dipstick can get clogged...
  5. T

    Aod transmission no OD

    Car shifts into over drive and it's like a second neutral. Will switching filter and fluid have any chance of saving the overdrive band? The fluid is a faded red that smells burnt. The car has a stock gear ratio and motor ,so will it be fine to just drive without overdrive for a long period of time?
  6. T

    Wing and luggage rack

    Anyone installed a wing like this with their luggage rack? I want to put on my 88 LX vert. Do you remove the last set of rails? If so, does this cover the holes? or does it mount onto the rails?
  7. M

    Electrical 1989 mustang 5.0 runs rich and stumbles in closed loop

    So I recently converted my 1989 4 cyl to a 5.0 using all the correct engine harnesses from a 1989 car. The ECU I'm running is the A3M out of a 93 car. So the car starts right up no problem. After let's say 60 seconds of idling the car from what I think goes in to closed loop and once it does it...
  8. S

    1993 Mustang 2.3 L Automatic A4LD Transmission - Help

    Hi, We took my sons 1993 Fox in to a transmission shop to do a transmission swap. The replacement is a used transmission from a 1989 Fox. All indications is that this is a reliable swap with no major issues. However, the shop mechanics installed the transmission before checking any connections...
  9. D

    1989 Dash Harness Problems

    Hello, I have recently purchased a 1989 Ford Mustang LX & have some questions about the dash harness. My harness is in tact up until the the end of the harness that runs into the engine bay. On this side of the harness, I have two sections of wire that have been cut & I am lost on what they are...
  10. T

    93 convertible torque box reinforcements

    Has anyone done torque box reinforcements on a foxbody vert, every website that sells reinforcements says that they aren’t recomended for convertibles?
  11. 5

    Powersteering Pump replacement gone wrong

    So here's what happened. I bought a new (re manufactured) power steering pump for my 87 mustang, because there was a bit a clanking noise at idle and a rattling noise at high rpm. I then noticed the shaft of the pump seemed loose where there was a lot of play back and fourth. Before even putting...
  12. 8

    Electric fan problem

    So I tried installing an sve dual electric fan myself, mind you I’ve never done any wiring on a car before, and I think I may have shorted it out but idk. The car won’t crank at all. I ordered a 130 amp alternator as well which I probably should’ve put in first but I wasn’t thinking so yeah...
  13. 8

    Coolant leak

    So I recently got an 87 gt and I just installed an a/c delete kit on it that I purchased from LMR and I drove the car after installation to see how it ran and got home and there was a huge coolant leak and it was overheating. Wondering if anybody has any suggestions to what it might be, looks...
  14. spiegs

    throttle cable removal and install

    sup guys, im replacing my throttle cable on my 93 5 speed. i understand unbolting everything in the engine bay and then the little plastic piece that fits into the top of the pedal arm. im assuming i manuever my way in there and pop it up and out with a screwdriver? how to i press the new one...
  15. White85fox

    New from Idaho

    1985 mustang gt owner from Idaho, just joining the stangnet fam. This is my second fox and right now it is bone stock ready for goodies this summer.
  16. S

    Old Foxbody owner looking to own again.

    Hi Everyone, :coff: My name is Paul and I live in Reno, NV. I used to own an 89 GT Hatchback in the 90's when I was in my 20's and then got married at 25 and had to sell her due to moving to San Diego and the stricter smog policies. She was slightly modified without cats and that was around...
  17. K

    What's it Worth? 87 Fox GT

    Hi All, Getting ready to sell my 87 GT convertible. It needs some work but the body is pretty straight and not rusty. No motor, trans, needs a new dash wiring harness. Seats need to be reupholstered Top looks good Comes with all the dash, interior parts, most of the engine components (PS pump...
  18. T

    Exhaust Replacing cats with O/R x pipe and need a tuner

    I’m replacing my cats with an off road x pipe. My question is what type of tuner do I need to keep my CEL off when I remove my o2 sensors? Thanks
  19. T

    Aod transmission issues

    Alright so I just swapped in an aod transmission into my foxbody. I currently have it all setup from my last aod with a lokar kickdown kit. I had the pressure for the cable set but it seems to be getting tied up. Car shifts fine but when you launch the car the car won’t shift. When installing...
  20. T

    Aod shifter linkage

    Just installed a new AOD transmission in my car and I was having trouble with the shifter on the transmission being in the down position it was previously in the up position on the last transmission and now with my kick down cable from lokar I think it it is interfering with this cable. And now...