1. M

    New trick flow top end

    Hello, new to this! Ok so Im going to jump to it. I have a 93 mustang triple white, so im going to start with my mods i had before the top end. BBK fuel pump not sure on name but its to match the maf and 30lb injectors. I had a bama tune but took it out because it wasnt calibrated for those...
  2. 1

    '95 Cobra R 17x9 wheels

    I'm a new member. I just bought some 4 lug Cobra r's 17x9, for my 1990 convertible. I wasn't expecting the front wheels to stick out so far. It looks goofy to me. I have researched some and it appears this is common. I want to install some wheel spacers on the rear, but I'm seeing mixed...
  3. C

    1984 Mustang Turbo

    I have a 1984 GT Turbo four eyed fox and I needed info on the turbo cooling because i need to replace some parts an Ill post a picture with this.
  4. G

    I need a miracle! - Father's Day Gift Won't Start

    I have a 1992 Mustang 5.0 5 Speed SSP that cranks but will not start. I followed the steps outlined in jrichkers list and I'm stumped. The car has 38 psi of fuel pressure (new walboro 255 fuel pump, fuel relay, fuel sending unit) and I have spark from the coil and also to the plugs (changed out...
  5. B

    For Sale For Sale 1993 Mustang SSP Coupe

    I am ready to part with my 1993 Mustang SSP Coupe. The car was Florida State Police Highway Patrol from Orlando, I crossed the numbers from the buck tags through a SSP site prior to my purchase of the car in 2009. The buck tags are still on the car, however some years ago I discovered they...
  6. J

    Engine Junk yard 285-300rwhp?

    Hey guys i have a stock 94 motor with 89 upper and lower intake in my 89foxbody can i hit 285 to 300 with junkyard parts ? What is a good hci combo for this but also keep in mind i cant lose street ability i daily drive my fox i just wanna a little more girth to fox around with
  7. Foxbody1988

    Would this get me to 300rwhp?

    Hi guys, so I’m relatively new to this forum and I would like to hear from some people who can tell me a little more about what would make my car reach 300rwhp. I would like to start of by saying I don’t want nitrous oxide or any boost. I just want naturally aspirated. I don’t plan on any...
  8. J

    1989 wont start after motor swap

    im having some issues my old 5.0 in my 1989 gt wasnt running good and my dad had a complete with accessories 1994 5.0 that i could have so i swaped and put my 1989 upper and lower intake on the 94 block and kept the 94 accessory set up and put it in the car. i started it up started first try...
  9. R

    89 2.3 Mustang Turning over, not starting in cold weather

    I have a 1989 2.3 LX Mustang. In general the car starts up great, it has been almost a year without a starting problem, but recently in the past few weeks I've had problems with it starting in the cold weather. The car will start fine at about 50 degrees and above, but as soon as the temperature...
  10. 1

    Just bought 1983 Mustang GT dies when put in nuetral

    Hello I just purchased a 1983 Mustang GT and it runs good but when ever I come to a stop sign and go to put in nuetral to come to a stop it dies on me every time the only way to keep it alive is my tapping the gas to keep it running , has anyone else had a problem like this and know how to fix...
  11. A

    Needing info on 18" wheels on 89 lx

    I am wanting to run Aodhan DS05's on my 89 lx. I was wanting to run 18x8.5 with +35 offset on the front and 18x9.5 with either +35,+30 or +22 on the rear. I know ill have to get rid of the quad shock and maybe roll the fenders. I Was wondering what offset would be the best fitment and what size...
  12. B

    New from NY with my 92 LX 363 build!

    New from NY with my 92 LX 363 build! Work in progress. Dart block and afr 205s on the way from Jim over @fordstrokers! Im sure I'll have many questions along the way and help is much appreciated. Bought the car 20 something years after my father had and sold the same year and color. Has a...
  13. 9

    Paint and Body Door hinge alignment

    I have had trouble closingmy driver's side door since I've owned the car. I really have to slam it to get it to close and it is obviously not aligned because it leaks water when it rains and I can see daylight between the door and the weatherstripping. My uncle, my cousin, and myself have all...
  14. J

    Paint and Body 1992 GT - gt tail lights "cheese grater" cover

    i want to tint my stock gt tail lights but i need to remove the covers first, how do i remove it without ruining it so i can put it back on after? and how do i put it back on?
  15. T

    Need help with Wiring (obd2/DLC)

    so i have an 88 fox, and I've swapped a 1996 drive train (2V, 5 speed rear end, suspension and brakes) and of course the electrical system from the 1996 GT is now in the FOX. I'm trying to now hook up the DLC so i have obd2 to tune the car, and I'm lost. Does anyone have any wire diagrams or...
  16. 1970machwon

    Engine 1987 mustang GT, HO vs Non-HO questions

    I have a 1987 mustang GT with the AOD transmission, littered with issues. It's hard to describe but I'm under the impression that i have a non-HO motor despite the fact that my car should have an HO. it's running on the non-HO firing order on my distributor since i bought it, but I bought an...
  17. 1970machwon

    Vacuum routing question/issues

    I've got a 1987 Mustang 5.0, AOD transmission. Someone before me did a smog pump delete, I don't really think they did it properly but that's something for another day. I have two vacuum lines that I'm not quite sure where they belong. I'm assuming that one belongs on part of the smog system...
  18. F

    Billet T-Top Handles Late 80's - Early 88 T-Top Mustangs

    Hey guys new to the page so pardon me if im posting in the wrong area, recently my T-Top handle in my 1985 Fox broke! I scavenged the interweb and could not find a thing on them, so I took to the drawing board and made a CNC program for them, figured Id share what I have done to see if there was...
  19. 9

    Engine 1990 5.0 manual crank/no start

    When I first bought this car back in May 2015 it died on the freeway and had a similar situation. Put a new fuel pump, pressure regulator, filter in and it fixed the problem. Ever since it's had a weird hesitation under throttle and has bucked and hesitated especially on hills in a higher gear...
  20. S

    New to The Form, with a wrecked Mustang!

    Hey fellow Mustang lovers, names Mark, I'm not new to the mustang scene how ever I'm new to this forum (obviously) I currently have a 1990 Mustang LX trunk car, powered by a 351W, (Originally a 4 cylinder car) that on November 6th of this year. Lady ran the red light (I'll leave it up to you to...