motor swap

  1. C

    97 GT engine swap question

    Hello friends, I have a 97 mustang gt that was recently in a front end collision. My friend has a 96 cobra shell I can get for cheap if I wanted. My question is will my 2 valve 4.6 be a direct swap into the cobra chassis? What would I need to make it happen? Thanks in advance for the knowledge...
  2. O

    93 4.6 into 2003 GT help

    Hello, I got lucky and received a 1993 (Crown Vic maybe) 4.6 motor that has never been run in it's life and never taken apart either, all the parts are still torqued down and without a trace of wear on the inside. The motor has no Vin or any information about it besides the number on the side of...
  3. PonyboyAdmire

    Engine 03 4.6l In A 98 Gt

    Hey all, I hope some one could help me in this problem that has acured. I have a 98gt and the motor went out. I also have a 4.6l out of a 2003. Will this bolt right into what I have? I would be using everything from the 98 that I can including transmission, wiring harness, everything. I have...
  4. cmerk27

    1998 Mustang Gt Engine Swap. I Need Help!

    I hope I am posting this in the correct area. I searched for a while on the different engine swap forums and I couldn't find the exact thing I was looking for so I apologize in advance if I missed the correct thread and I am making a duplicate thread. Anyways, I have a manual 1998 Mustang GT...
  5. X

    5.4 Swapped 01 Gt

    finnally making some progress on the 5.4 going in the 01 gt. Here's some pictures
  6. X

    5.4 In A 2001 Gt

    in the middle of a 5.4 swap. If anybody is looking at doing it I am more than willing to help out follow me on Instagram (jhouseworth281) I'm only at a shortblock right now but should be done by next spring doing it right so I'm taking all the time I can. If enough people request I can put up...
  7. X

    Swapping A 5.4 Into An 01 Mustang

    Currently swapping my 01 mustang with a 5.4 liter motor already have the rotating assembly and in the process of getting it shortblocked. Then will come heads and cams already have everything planned out my only questions really are is there any little things to look out for? Such as headers not...
  8. NickSpill

    3.8 To 4.6 Swap. Is It Worth It?

    ive seen people do it but i dont know what all would have to go into it. Also would i have to use the 4.6 out of that year mustang or could i use the 4.6 out of another vehicle or another year with my T5 transmission. Thanks!
  9. 1

    99 Mustang.. 302-351 Swap Need Help

    has anyone done a 302-351 carb swap in the 99-04 body? need some help and wondering what all I will need for the swap. and before any one says (sell it and buy a v8) I want to keep this car!!!! and I don't want a 4.6 in it. like I said I want to do a carb swap, and emissions is not a problem...