mustang lx

  1. H

    Close to finding my old 1991 LX 4-cyl..

    In high school I had a 1991 silver Mustang LX 4-cyl 5-speed and I'm hoping to find it and possibly buy it back. I called the DMV and managed to get the VIN number (I had sold it around 2000 and have zero paperwork on it) which I used on Carfax to find a general location of the car. After 29...
  2. R

    91 Lx 5.0 r-12 to 134a issue

    About 2 years ago I did the r134a conversion kit from late model resto. For almost 2 years it blew ice cold with no issues. I didn't run my car for about 2 months due rain every day so it just sat in my garage. I recently went out to start it up, turned the a/c on and its now blowing hot air. I...
  3. kmcgr6

    1992 Mustang Lx

    It has been a long time coming, but tonight it fired up and idols great! I will get to drive it tomorrow. Stock bottom end with 58,000 miles Afr 165 heads,FTI Custom cam,Edelbrock RPM2 intake, trick flow stud mount rockers, ford racing performance lifters, comp 6.300 pushrods, BBC shorty...