03 Cobra Convertible versus 03 Cobra Coupe

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Procharger95, May 3, 2005.

  1. If I buy a Convertible will I be disappointed with it's straight line performance compared to the Coupe?

    I've recently found a low mileage Vert for a hard to turn down price that I'm now considering purchasing. My only problem is that I don't want to give up much if any performance because I want to run 11s on drag radials reliably after I do the basic bolt-ons and I'm not too sure the Vert will do that without costing a whole lot extra.

    What do you guys think I should do? I don't want to regret it later but I have a hard time seeing that happen :shrug:
  2. I believe 11.5's and under at the track will require a roll cage. they are a little heavier, but probably not much.
  3. the verts also have a much bigger wheel hop problem.
  4. Just find out how much more it weighs. For every 100 lbs you will need an extra 10hp to move that mass (general rule of thumb). You may also have to get a chassis stiffener to help minimize wheel hop which will increase your weight too. In short, you will have to add more power to the vert to make it as fast as a lighter coupe. I don't think it will be a lot more $$$ though.
  5. 03/04 Cobra are such fawkin animals, I dont think you could go wrong eeither way. I personally am not a vert guy, one reason being the weight. However, its sooo damn easy to modify those cars to make big power that a few extra pounds for a street car really isnt that big of a deal.
  6. That's what I was trying to reason out for myself.

    I think I've read where the verts weigh in at around 3,800+lb range and the coupes somewhere in the 3,600+lb range I think if I'm the better driver I can break even but I'm not so sure I'm that great of a driver but I do shift more aggressively than most.
  7. Have a vert and love it. Always wanted a convertible mustang and a cobra so did both as one. Helps that they changed the rules about convertibles and roll cages, but to much modding and they will require one. Fortunately the track out here isn't real picky and doesn't care as long as I don't go too fast. That hasn't been a problem yet since I need alot of practice, but either way you can't go wrong. Great car either way and you will be happy with either.
  8. what about scuttle shake and structural ragidity. For an out and out the drivers car the coupe should always be the better performer.

    Not dissin the Vert at all, just a fact. This even follows suit on cars such as 911's.

    Plus IMO the coupe looks soooo good and the vert just looses that awesum C pillar roof line. But if you live where its hot and sunny then a rag top is probably the more fun option.
  9. But the Cobra comes with factory subframe connectors and a K member brace. Its supposed to be very strong and with the new top, its quiet inside, unlike most other Verts.
  10. Don't quote me on this, but I believe new rules say anything faster than 13.50 in a vert requires a roll cage. Pretty sad. :( You could run that by accident.
  11. I don't really mind the track rules because I mostly want it for a street car with an occasional trip to the track and if I get kicked off I would leave with a huge smile anyways. Oh and I love the way a roll bar looks on a vert especially if done right and as far as back seat space all of my friends are to scared to ride with me :rlaugh: but they are the ones that have had the accidents that were their fault :shrug:
  12. I confirmed the time with greg@GLD the other night. 13.49 and faster requires a cage and 13.99 or faster requires a helmet. If it rolls your just as dead at any speed.
  13. I think they fixed the rules so that factory cars running faster than that time is exempt from the rules.. so you have to check the local track rules
  14. it maybe strong for a convertable, but it missing half of the coupe's strucural rigidity, this can never be replaced by 'undercar' strenghtning, it usually leads to a very "wooden" platform.

    Some cars such as TVR's and Corvettes don't use a monococ chassis they use a spaceframe, this can be designed to be very rigid, the body is then bolted on top offering almost no extra strenght (not that its needed) so it can be a coupe or a convertable with no loss of performance.
  15. I'de go with a coupe for the stiffer chassis and IMO looks alot smoother. Just not a fan of the cloth tops. If they made them in a hardtop with a hideaway that would be awesome but I cant imagine how much weight that would add.
  16. Stock cars are allowed faster, but they have to be stock. Change the pulley and then you go back to the old rules. Performance wise I am sure the coupe is better, but depending on were you live a convertible is great. Plan on getting a coupe to go along with my vert when I get back to the mainland though. Just not sure if it will be an 04 or 07?
  17. If you get the vert, you would need at least some good subframe connectors and a strut tower brace to stiffen up the chassis. With sticky tires you're going to load the chassis up pretty good.
  18. Plus the wind noise at 130 mph would be terrible in a convertible. :D
  19. I personally think the coupes look better. If it's a driver with an occassional track trip, I would just pick whatever I thought looked the best. If u like verts better, get 1. They're still very fast cars and in some respects are more appealing than the coupe...to most people
  20. If we didn't get 150+ Inches of snow a year I'd probably have a Vert....