03 Mustang Gt Cruise Control Fixed!!

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  1. My cruise control has not been working in like forever. So I finally set out to get it working again. So I figure I would share what I did to maybe help others who may need to do the same fix.

    1 - So first I made sure the CC was not working. It wasn't, obviously.

    2 - Then I went under the driver dash to make sure all my connections were intact. On my car (03 auto GT) there is one connection that has nowhere to connect to. I looked around to make sure there was no connection for it. SO I'm guessing that all auto equipped mustangs will have that one connector loose but I can be certain.

    3 - I checked the buttons. If you pull the CC button pad on the left of the steering wheel you will see two small buttons. Pressing them simultaneously should activate the horn. I did this and the horn sounded. So I knew the buttons were working properly. I put the button pad back on.

    Note, when removing the button pad, do so carefully so as not to break the tabs. You don't wanna be one of those Mustang owners whose button pad is missing, lol! I just used a flat head screw driver in the middle of the two buttons and gently pulled it off. It simply snaps back on.

    4 - After I ascertained the buttons operated fine I then figured it was my cruise control servo. This part is located in the driver side fenderwell. It is an easy thing to replace. Just two 8mm screws securing the bracket to the body of the car. If you have a servo with a bracket, then just replace the entire servo and bracket. Otherwise you may have to remove the bracket from the servo. The cable for the servo goes through an opening, along the top of the firewall (you'll see a push screw securing it on the top of the firewall), and then to the throttle body. It snaps right on a small round little connection. You will have to use pliers to remove the old cable out from the small bracket it is connected into.

    Note, installing the servo will be easier with the driver side wheel off the car.

    5 - Afterwards simply button everything up, make sure everything is buttoned up, and take the car for a spin. CC only operates at 30 mph and higher.

    There are other ways to check the servo without replacing it. But for me I was sure it was the servo after I checked the buttons. Other problems could be related to the clock spring in the steering wheel or fault wiring etc. But this is how I got mine operating. Just wanted to share.
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  2. That's a nice little right up. Good to know. Thanks for posting that up.
  3. No problem. I figure I'll do some DIYs a bt more often. As much as I've done to this car over the years perhaps I can help others with troubleshooting, modifying, and repairs.
  4. The only thing that could make this better is a few pics. Great post!
  5. Good idea, thanks. I'll post some pics later...